How Our Own Breakthroughs Are Going …

You guys remember this post?


The one where we shared the different areas of your life that you can have a breakthrough in — and how the gym can actually help you get there?


Well, we’re back today with a personal update on how our career breakthrough is going by getting Zen Barre certified (they offered us the chance to do it and we jumped at it!). Because, yep, we practice what we preach!


Jenn’s Update & Workout Realization

So, I’ve been doing similar-type workouts for a long time now. Pretty much HIIT, running and CrossFit-style workouts. And they’ve done amazing things for my body, my fitness, my confidence and even my flexibility. But you know what I’ve been noticing now that I’ve been going through the online Zen Barre certification process and doing more barre workouts?



Even though I’ve been regularly pushing myself at the gym, by actually slowing things down and really focusing in on some of those smaller supporting muscles I feel like I’ve taken things to another level — another more mindful and more aligned level. Because the one thing you can’t do in Zen Barre? Zone out or push through. It’s all about intention, control and that mind-body connection.


I’m about halfway through the certification process and I can’t wait to see what else is to come. Talk about exciting!

Kristen’s Update & New Focus

It’s no secret that I want to be Wonder Woman, and generally, when I’m doing a tough workout (running, lifting heavy weights, etc.), my thought process is basically that Wonder Woman wouldn’t quit, and neither will I.


However, as I mentioned in an earlier post, all that Amazonian training has been off the table for, well, close to two months now due to an injury. But the idea of just … not doing something that challenges me? Unthinkable. So having the opportunity to really focus on barre— which leads to many shaky, sore muscles but without the larger movements that I can’t currently do — has been amazing.


Seriously, it’s so, so welcome. The timing couldn’t have been better.

I’ve always had a decent knack for workouts that involve smaller, targeted movements and lots of core — like Pilates — and getting certified as a Zen Barre instructor was just the nudge I needed to get back into that kind of low-impact exercise. And you’ll notice I said “low-impact,” not “easy” — and that’s on purpose. Just because a movement is slight doesn’t mean it’s not effective, and my sore glutes (and abs, and quads) are proof.

I’ve been hitting my local barre studio, partly as preparation for my Zen Barre certification, but also because, guys, it’s way more fun than I’d remembered. It takes a little getting used to, because when you’re using light weights for loads of small movements, ev-er-y-thing about each move matters, and there’s definitely a learning curve involved. But I’m picking up on it quickly and find myself looking very much forward to both my in person classes and my Zen Barre instructor certification training.


Speaking of the certification, let me add that I’m nearly finished with the classes and tests — just prepping for the final exam now! And it’s been really illuminating. Even though I’m doing the coursework from home, I have access to videos of sample classes, which is super helpful because Zen Barre has a very specific format incorporating elements of ballet, yoga and Pilates with strength work targeting upper and lower body, and there’s not a Zen Barre studio near me (yet, anyway). Basically, they make it possible to learn allll about it, even if you don’t have the opportunity to attend a Zen Barre class during your certification. As someone who’s traveled far for some in-person trainings … let me just say I’m a big fan.

And, guys, you didn’t miss our 10-minute Zen Barre workout here did you? No equipment needed! Oh, and if you want to join us and get Zen Barre certified, too, you can actually save 20 percent with the code “fitbottomedgirls” here! —Jenn & Kristen

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  1. Congratulations all of you on your workout/professional breakthroughs! I’m going for a mental breakthrough (not breakdown 🙂 ) this year. I want to become more mindful and open to what life has to offer. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!