The Perfect Winter Giveaway ($995 Value!)

Right now you probably feel like this.


And wish you felt more like this.


And while we can’t bring you the beach, we do have a giveaway that’ll bring you glorious warmth and light — and serious health benefits. Say hello to winter’s best giveaway: The Joovv Light!

What You Need to Know About the Joovv Light

Studied by NASA and approved by the FDA, red and near infrared light therapy promotes healthy cellular function — helping you look younger, heal faster, and feel better. Utilizing the latest LED technology, the Joovv Light ($995) delivers medical-grade power with clinically-proven wavelengths of light. Used by professional athletes and world-renowned performers across the world, the the Joovv Light is conveniently designed to fit on any door — allowing you to experience the amazing benefits of light therapy for your entire body in just a few minutes per day! And we are so, so, SO psyched to be giving one away to a lucky reader!

How to Enter to Win the Joovv Light

For this one, all we want to know is why you’re psyched to win this. Tell us in a comment, and we’ll randomly select a U.S. reader to win in about a week and notify him/her in the comments and via email (heads up: the winner will need to complete a W9 because the value is so amazingly high for this giveaway). Want a bonus entry? Tell a friend about this giveaway or post the link on your social media, and then leave a second comment with what you did! Because, yep, the best things are worth sharing — and this is worth sharing!

We can’t say thanks enough to Joovv enough for this generous giveaway! —Jenn

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  1. This looks amazing!! I would totally be psyched to win, because it could help me look younger, heal faster, and feel better. It’s an incredible innovation. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  2. I have heard a lot of buzz about the benefits of this kind of light therapy! Id be very happy to have one myself.

  3. I would love this! I tend to get seasonal affective disorder and feel depressed in the winter. This sauna could help with that – feeling some light and heat would be good for the body and the soul!

  4. My current health goal is to become the best version of myself. I’m so overwhelmed these days that I just feel myself slipping into a watered down version of who I am. I just want to feel energized, stress free, and well rested. I hope winning the Jovv will help me do that!

  5. This looks fabulous! Especially in the middle of today’s snowstorm. I’d love to add some warmth to my life!

  6. Being from Arizona and now living in Ohio this would be great cause I have suffered from seasonal depression and that stuff is scary!

  7. Who doesn’t need a little more sunny type vibes in their life? We had 5 feet of snow on
    Christmas Day, and it’s still a-coming! It would be groovy to have this Joovv –E 😉

  8. This is an awesome giveaway! I’d love to win the Joovv light to help speed up my healing. Speeding up the healing would help me achieve my goals sooner (running a 5k- I used to use a cane so baby steps) and being a fit momma to my 8 month old.

  9. OMG! I live in rainy, gray Seattle. This would be so, so amazing. I do what I can for my body (exercise, nutrition, sleep), and this would be next-level.

  10. What an awesome giveaway! I’ve been considering purchasing a light box for the past several years (to help with the winter blues), but the high quality boxes are such an investment. This would be amazing to own!

  11. I’d be so excited to win this! I tend to get the blues very easily in the winter, and would love to have this is as a tool to help combat that!

  12. After researching the benefits of the Joovv Light, would really love to win one. Sounds like it would make a huge difference in my life. Currently experiencing autoimmune type symptoms and circulation issues. Looks like it would really improve my quality of life in may ways. I also live in the gloomy midwest…

  13. What an awesome giveaway! I’ve loved the idea of a sauna at home bc my gym’s is coed (sometimes gross) and haven’t seen an infrared version like this. I am so intrigued and want one!

  14. I’ve been going to sessions for light therapy. This would be a such a quick and easy way to incorporate it into my daily wellness routine!

  15. A Joov light is at the very top of my wish list! I’ve read about so many benefits of red light therapy, and I want to experience them for myself! Awesome giveaway!

  16. Have been intrigued by this product for awhile. I have an 11 year old son with CP who uses and wheelchair is unable to get outside and play as much as his able-bodies peers. Would love to see if this would help with not only his chronic conditions but also his general health.

  17. We live in Upstate NY where it is gray and gloomy a lot! My husband has SAD and this time of the year is really tough. This could literally change our lives!

  18. This would be so cool to win!! I’m very interested in the healing aspect. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  19. I would love this! I am a respiratory therapist and work 12 hour night shifts at a hospital. Fitness is also important to me and I find it hard to re-energize myself after nights in a row. I work out consistently and love strength training, but struggle to keep my energy high. Also, I’m 41, so that whole age thing is not making things any easier. I would love another tool in my box to maintain a Fit Bottomed life!

  20. I have been reading and hearing about the benefits of red light therapy. I would be THRILLED to win this. Awesome giveaway!

  21. My aging body could use this form of rejuvenation therapy, especially my back and joints. I sure would love to try this!

  22. Would love to try this infrared light!!! Heard sooooo much about the benefits for the skin and collagen renewal 🙂

  23. My wife has been talking about light therapy all winter and I would score major points if I would win the Joovv Light. Plus, I’d use it too!

  24. I would be so excited to win this to help with healing some winter skin issues and to feel better! Good Luck Everyone!

  25. WOW!!!!!! This would be amazing! I often say I am solar powered, and, December/January/Feb I almost get depressed, cranky, etc.
    My husband, family, and friends would be happy if I won this for those awful months!!

  26. THIS SOUNDS AMAZING! What a crazy awesome giveaway! What a fabulous way to start or end the day with a great way to rehabilitate & recover after hard workouts and just general mom-life aches!.

  27. Winter is my busy season at work, so it’s the hardest time of year to prioritize me time, especially healthy active outdoor Adventures. This light would help keep my mood up & healthy during our intense New England winters!

  28. My husband and I both lift regularly and he runs a ton! I think this would be an amazing recovery tool. I also wonder if it might help with my skin issues… 🤔

  29. Oh my do I need this desperately. I started having hormonal acne a year or so ago and it has been horrible. My skin has gotten so oily that unless you witness it you wouldn’t believe me. If these lights help acne then I need it. And if I hear one more person say that people with oily skin have fewer wrinkles I don’t no what I will do. On top of the oiliness and acne I have gotten horrible wrinkles. And why is beyond me other than life.
    Thank you for this generous opportunity.

  30. I have been excited about red light therapy and the benefits since first seeing the research several years ago. This would be an amazing health tool for my husband and I to stay on top of for an alternative therapy for not only seasonal depression, but also healing and reocering from long days. Motherhood is also tough and a tight budget makes self-care even more difficult. This would be such a blessing in our lives!

  31. I’m psyched to win this because I live in Minnesota and it’s like living in the movie Frozen! And just like Olaf, I need me some warm hugs!

  32. Whoa, this thing is amazing! I already use light therapy for my face, but had NO idea they had one for the whole body!

  33. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win a Joovv light. It is an amazing and magical technological time that we live in these days and to have a Joovv light just shows us the power that we have to enhance our lives for the better. I would love to win the Joovv light and be able to experience the benefits for myself that I may not see on my own.

    Again, thanks so much to Joovv and Fit Bottomed Girls for this generous opportunity.


  34. Wow. I am super pale and use sunblock like crazy year round. This would be a great way to get a little healthy light and still be safe.

  35. I’m super psyched about this giveaway for myself and my fur babies. For myself, I have a sports injury from when I was younger and I try to get red light therapy for pain management. Since I am a mom to two girls, I am always on the run and sometimes it’s hard to fit in red light therapy time for myself. Having it in my home, would be pure bliss. Secondly, I have and older rescue dog and I heard it would be great for animals as well. As he ages, he has a plethora of problems and I would love this for him too.

  36. The Joovy light sounds amazing! My husband suffers from SAD and I know it would be a benefit to him. I would love it for me for the skin benefits.

  37. I’m changing my lifestyle to live healthier than I ever have. I’m 48 and I want to go into my 50s in the best health/shape I’ve ever been in!

  38. I always get effected in the winter with the lack of sunlight and this would be a great way to stay healthy and get some light even when I don’t see the sun much.

  39. I have been researching gastric paresis, diabetes and prebiotics and have seen a lot of information regarding light therapy. I don’t like taking medicine due to all the side effects, so being able to do something like this to feel better would be a heaven sent treat.

  40. if this works like i think this would be amazing to feel better and i heard it works wonder for skin problems this device is amazing i hope i win

  41. OMG…my daughters and girlfriend would love it if I won this…they are always saying it’s freezing in my house, though they are often the ones running around without a sweatshirt or socks on in the winter lol!

  42. This Would Be Amazing To Have !! My Husband is Battling Cancer, The Past 3 Months have been Horrible !! He has had to have Brain Surgery, a Rod Put in his Femur has it has a hole in it, Chemo Treatments, radiation Treatments, We Live at the Hospitals, I drive some weeks 500 Miles To get him Back and Forth, I believe the Joovv Light, Would Give me The Relaxation and Therapy I need For Our Bone’s. And make Both of us Feel Amazing !!! Which is What We Both Need 🙂

  43. I would totally love this to help me improve my moods with some light therapy. Living in the cold Midwest I often get the winter blues. Plus the setup to the light is great!

  44. This looks like a fantastic way to add something wonderful to my 2 1/2 year – and going – commitment to taking care of myself through improved nutrition, exercise, and trying other wellness avenues such as massage and a Joov light (if I am lucky enough to win!)

  45. I would love to have this product, as I live in Alaska where it is cold and dark for months at a time. I think this could really help with my health and pain management. Thank you for the opportunity!

  46. I would love this! No warm destination planned for me, but this would be something I would really enjoy all year round! I try to be as healthy as I can be especially with my chronic health issues that may be improved with the use of this light!

  47. After moving from the Florida Keys to Virginia this year. I could really use something like this!

  48. I would love to win the Joovv Light to aid in combating seasonal affective disorder and in healing acne scars. I took multiple steps this winter (such as taking Vitamin D and other supplements, as well as making sure I get enough sleep), but I haven’t purchased a light for SAD yet. With being a college student and renting a basement level room (no windows), I think this giveaway could make a big difference in my day to day life and it would be very much appreciated. Thank you for the chance to win this product!

  49. It would be absolutely amazing to win this. I have depression and due to medical bills, I couldn’t ever afford this. It would be an incredible bright spot in the winter where I lost two close friends, my dog got put down, and I’m drowning in medical debt.

  50. I would love to win, because I want to be the best lost healthiest me I can be. And the light looks amazing!!

  51. I woild be psyched to win this because I’m always cold & this would be perfect to keep me warm. Plus bonus… it’s supposed to be good for you!!

  52. Love how it makes you feel younger and look better! Who couldn’t use that?! Fingers and toes crossed I win this amazing light!

  53. I would love to win this. I’ve been so busy with work and taking care of my family that I rarely get outside during daylight right now. Light therapy would be an amazing health boost, this time of year especially.

  54. I am excited to win this because I live in the rainy city, Seattle. I have been needing some therapy to help rejuvenate my skin and make me feel great. Red light therapy at a salon is very expensive.

  55. Would be very grateful to win this Joovv to help my parents in their current state of health. It would be a blessing to help them!

  56. And Michelle with comment #30 is our winner! Congrats!!! Emailing you now to get your mailing address. 🙂

    Thanks to ALL who entered!