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5 Reasons to Give Yourself a Break

I had a revelation recently. In a nutshell, it was: “No one cares as much as you do.” This wasn’t my first introduction to this life-altering concept. It’s something I have to constantly tell myself. It just abruptly presented itself in this way as I was putting on my makeup.

So, without further ado:

5 Reasons to Give Yourself a Break

1. No one else sees the 5x view you see in your makeup mirror. If you never turn your mirror to the 5x side, keep on keepin’ on. If you’re a believer in the 5x, that’s great, too. Use it to satisfy your need, and then let it go. No one else will ever see what you see there. Blackheads and out-of-line eyebrow hairs are normal. That mirror exists to show that. But remember that no one else will come at your face with a magnifying lens. It’s totally okay to zoom out and never look back.

2. Rest days are important. If you miss a day in your workout regimen, relax. Take it as (an extra) recovery day. If you can, reschedule. But don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s really not worth it in the long run. Six months from now, will it matter? If not, relax about relaxing.

3. You need the bad to appreciate the good. If you messed up dinner tonight, whatever. It’ll be that much better when you make an amazing meal next time. Besides, people start to take your cooking for granted when it’s always awesome. Showing them what they could be suffering through every once in a while is truly a blessing in disguise. Don’t be upset over it. Feel free to apply this philosophy to any other (relatively inconsequential) concept in life.

4. Shortcuts (aka life hacks) were made for a reason. Use them as often as reasonable. Dry shampoo is totally in, acceptable, and encouraged now. You’ll have to wash your hair eventually (probably?), but until then, just live it up. Quicker showers and multi-day hairstyles are the gifts we must give ourselves at times.

5. Your sanity is important. Say no when you feel yourself over-committing. It’s better in the long run to put your best effort into fewer commitments than it is to half-ass several commitments. You can quote me as you’re declining requests, if that helps.

How do you cut yourself some slack? —Megan

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