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The Perfect Workouts for Creative Types

Consider yourself a creative type, eh?

(And I’ll go ahead and try to not get on a soapbox about the beautiful inherent creativity that we all have if we tap into it because that’s not what this post is about — but it is true! We all have beautiful creative brains, and I personally think yours looks extra pretty today.)

Well, we have news for you! Workout news to be specific.

Recently researchers presented a study at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference of the Division of Occupational Psychology that suggested that creative people tended to like outdoor activities more.

And we all know that when we like something, we tend to do it more. So, it’s kinda like hitting the jackpot.

Researchers said that it also goes to show that a one-size-fits-all exercise approach just doesn’t work. It’s all about doing what your personality prefers — and for a lot of creative peeps, that’s spending time with good ol’ Mother Nature.

Here are some fun ideas to do just that …

Outdoor Workouts to Try

  • Walking or running outdoors
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Outdoor bootcamps
  • Sports (team sports, skiing, tennis, etc.)
  • Rock climbing
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Stand-up paddleboard
  • Rowing
  • Bodyweight exercises (like this playground workout)

It makes sense that out-of-the-box thinkers and new-idea generators would prefer getting outside versus hitting the gym for a structured workout, huh? Researchers say employers should take all of this into consideration — giving their workers a chance to refresh in the fresh air.

And we think it just reinforces the fact that when it comes to finding a workout that works for you, well, it’s all about YOU and what you like. You do you!

Do you consider yourself a creative type? Do you get outside for workouts? I do love me some nature. Clearly I need to get out more … —Jenn

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