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Yes, I’m One of Those Instant Pot People Now

It happened.
I became one of those people. One of those Instant Pot people.
And just like them I’m obsessed. Utterly consumed with cooking in my Instant Pot. Searching the internet endlessly for tips and new recipes to make (including these and this one).
I was skeptical that the Instant Pot could be really that great. I mean, I own a slow cooker and I know how to make rice and hard-boiled eggs and simmer bone broth … so … ?
But nope. I was wrong. It’s fantastic. It makes pressure cooking beyond easy and not scary in the least. And every time I use it, I’m simply amazed at how damn quickly it cooks things. Big HUNKS of things like $40 worth of meat (as discussed recently on the podcast). And potatoes. And cabbage. And ALL THE VEGGIES. Perfectly. Every time.

What? You don’t hug your Instant Pot, too?

And my hard-boiled egg game that I was so proud of pre-Instant Pot? Well, it takes half the time in the Instant Pot AND they come out with perfectly cooked yellow yolks (no gray or green) and they’re easy to peel. (I follow Nom Nom Paleo’s recipe for ’em.)
I haven’t made rice yet. But I will. Along with 4,000 other things because it is my new favorite kitchen appliance that I never knew I needed but I NEEDED. Seriously. You can saute and brown in it (less dishes!). You can slow cook in it (bye, slow cooker — never thought I’d say that!). You can make huge amounts of stuff quickly (hello, meal prep and leftovers!). Why wasn’t this thing around when I was a new mom? Or in college?! It would have been perfect!
Time to make up for lost time. And, share my Instant Pot haiku. (Told you I loved it. And real love means poetry.)

Haiku for My Instant Pot

Push of a button
You make my life so easy
Just vent and release
No meat is too tough
No veggie is undercooked
Leftovers for all!
Appliances jelly
‘Cause you the master of all
Instant Pot for life.
Other Instant Pot lovers, tell me: why do you love yours most? Feel free to leave a haiku. And if you want to see exactly what Instant Pot I have and get your own, click here (affiliate link, jsyk)! —Jenn

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