5 Workout Playlists on Digster That We’re Totally Obsessed With

You guys know how we love our new tunes. And you also know how much we love spreading the word about the stuff we love. Well, guys, we just found a new playlist resource and it is AWESOME.

So awesome, that we’re like: why did we not know about this before?!


It’s called Digster, and we’re obsessed. Totally obsessed.


Basically, they curate amazing playlists for all occasions, moods and music genres — including workouts. Which is obviously our jam.


And — this is the coolest part — you can stream them on Spotify, Apple or Deezer. Here are five of their workout playlists that we’ve got on repeat at the gym … and at home … and in our cars.


Enjoy ’em!

5 Workout Playlists on Digster That We’re Totally Obsessed With

  1. Workout Hip Hop Edition
  2. Workout Dance Edition
  3. Workout Rock Edition
  4. Pop Workout
  5. Way Back Workout

Okay, what’s your fave? I am clearly into the hip hop and the old school stuff lately, huh?Jenn

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