It’s Never Too Late to Learn How to Ice Skate (and 9 Reasons It’s an Awesome Workout)

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Still on a motivational high from the Olympic Games?


And although we probably can’t, like, go out and bobsled or ski jump tomorrow morning, do you know what Olympic sport we can all go out and learn starting now?

Ice skating.

Yep, just like Bradie Tennell and Adam Rippon.


(Okay, minus the quad lutz.)

But seriously, no matter your age or your previous experience on the ice (or … not on the ice, for that matter), you can learn how to ice skate with adult lessons. And, ladies, you should try it because ice skating is an amazingly awesome workout!

Credit: Learn to Skate USA

9 Reasons Ice Skating Is an Awesome Workout

1. It will improve your cardio health. Fun fact: every 11 laps around the ice skating rink is a mile. And lap after lap, you’ll get your heart rate up while your muscles feel the burn. Love intervals? Try adding in some sprints down the long sides of the ice. Talk about a fun way to mix it up!

2. It helps you build muscle. While skating laps improves cardiovascular health, learning new skating skills improves your muscular strength. Try your hand at swizzles to engage those inner and outer thighs, or turn dips into on-ice squats. (You’ll learn both in the Basic Skills 1 and Adult 1 curriculums in the Learn to Skate USA program.)

3. It’ll better your balance and coordination. Unlike yoga or tai chi, skating challenges you to balance your weight on a slippery surface over a blade about 2 mm thick — that’s about as wide as a toothpick. By mastering your balance on blades, you’re improving your balance, coordination, posture, and core strength. Bad ass, right?

4. You’ll boost your metabolism. By increasing your heart rate, working up a sweat and engaging your muscles, you’ll also boost your metabolism when you hit the ice. In fact, ice skating can burn around 460 calories per hour.

5. It can make you feel better about yourself. We all know how important self care is — and “me-time” on the ice is simply awesome. You’ll also master new skills which helps you to develop greater confidence and self-esteem. I mean, if you can learn to skate … what else can you do?!

6. It will enhance your flexibility and mobility. The extensions and body-lengthening movements involved in skating increase flexibility and mobility through your entire body, which can help to prevent injury. You’re basically stretching … on ice!

7. It provides the opportunity to bust out of your comfort zone. Learning a new sport is a great way to keep yourself motivated because it challenges your muscles in a way they’ve never moved before. You’ll be learning a new activity with the bonus of staying active in the process.

Credit: Learn to Skate USA

8. You can track your progress. Just like PRing a 5K or getting in shape to be competitive in a league, skating allows you to train for an event, set goals and achieve them. Test your skills with Compete USA or simply work toward skill evaluations at the end of each Learn to Skate USA class session. Master one level, then move on to the next. Learn to Skate USA will even give you a record book to chart your progress.

9. It’s FUN with new friends! Learning to ice skate gives you the chance to meet new friends with a common interest. And we all know everything is better with fun and friends.

How to Get Started: Sign Up for Adult Ice Skating Lessons Today

Credit: Learn to Skate USA

The best way to get started and start reaping all of those amazing benefits above? Sign up for adult ice skating lessons with Learn to Skate USA! Simply click “Find A Program” at the top of the page and enter your ZIP code to connect with a program near you. (Contact that facility directly for class schedules, session dates and prices.)

Learn to Skate USA is the only skating program endorsed by the national governing bodies of all three skating sports — U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating. With more than 1,000 programs across the United States, they offer the highest quality instruction with a standardized curriculum for all ages. So, you know you’re in good hands.

The adult skating curriculum is designed for both beginning and experienced adult skaters who wish to improve their skating skills. Whether you’re looking to skate as a hobby or as a fit and healthy lifestyle, there’s a program for you. Get more deets on that here.

Bottom line: Ice skating is not just for kids; it’s for the kid inside all of us.

Whether you’re entering a rink for the first time or rekindling a lost love years later, you’ll discover the ice is always there, waiting for you to come out and explore. Follow Learn to Skate USA on Facebook and Twitter for skill-building activities and fun fitness challenges, like the Skate-A-Marathon Mileage Tracker. 

Alrighty, who’s ready to hit the ice with us?! —Jenn

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  2. V. Smith says:

    You can learn to ice skate in nearly any part of the country. Great article

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  4. Dennis says:

    If you’re willing to try, ice skating can really be an amazing workout for your entire body. I have found that half of the fun and most of the exercise comes from the learning process, and from challenging myself to try harder stunts that I find online! I have even found online teaching platforms that provide step-by-step tutorials on skating for beginners! Age should never be a defining factor for your exercise habits! Skating is for everyone!

  5. Rene says:

    I started skating at the age of 50 with no prior experience. My only goal was to learn to skate forward gracefully, turn, skate backwards gracefully, and turn forward again. Little did I know that I’d get so hooked on this sport. Now, 8 years later, I’m learning spins, jumps, lunges and back spirals. Wow! I love the sport, and the health benefits are an added bonus!

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