My Newest Goal (and the Support I Need to Reach It)

I have a goal that I’d like to share with you. And for once, it’s not about running faster, racing longer distances, or lifting heavier.

My goal is this: When it’s hot out, I want to run in a sports bra without a shirt — and be comfortable doing so.

But let me clarify what this means, because it has nothing to do with losing weight or making my abs more toned. It’s all about my mindset — about feeling confident in anything I wear because I’m proud of this body, and proud of what it can do, even if there are a couple of spots that jiggle just a little.

And, okay, a little bit about my sports bra wardrobe. But, you know, as an ambassador for Brooks Running, well, my sports bra situation is in good shape.

Just check out my latest addition — the new FastForward Crossback in this super fun Run Happy print. I mean, how can I not show it off, right?

The mesh at the top provides both coverage and support, and I love the adjustable J hook back closure. Plus, there are removable cups, so you can leave them in for modesty or pop ’em out if you prefer.

Now, I already work out in a sports bra at home, and I’ve been known to ditch my shirt on long, sweaty solo runs. But the idea of showing up for a group run in just a sports bra is something that’s long intimidated me. Crazy, right? Especially when you consider how strongly I believe in loving one’s body no matter what — and I have zero qualms about walking around all day in a bikini, which is way more revealing.

Plus, never, EVER have I looked at another woman running in a sports bra and thought anything other than some version of:


After all, when we’re out, being active, doing something we love that’s good for our bodies, there’s really no room for judgement. Just support. (And hey, a good sports bra provides that in spades!)

Are you comfortable running in just a sports bra and shorts? If so, got any tips for me? And if not — wanna join me in achieving this goal? —Kristen

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  1. Nel says:

    I’m in. It gets HOT here in AZ, and I have been trying to convince myself to just go for it. This is my new goal for this year’s running. We got this! 🙂

    1. Kristen says:

      Yeah we do! BOOM! –FBG Kristen

  2. Hiit Mamas says:

    So funny because I was running yesterday in a baggy shirt and thought how amazing it would feel to be in just a sports bra! I am not sure that other women would be thinking “go girl!” only because it seems kind of like showing off? Or flaunting? I am just not a fan of people watching me workout at all (that’s why I don’t workout in a gym- all at home) so covered up it is. Maybe it is a confidence issue and just not caring what other people think. Not sure if I want my neighbors to see me bouncing around though. LOL! For sure on the abs goals!

  3. I was thinking the same but in this blog, it gives me kinda inspiration and looking forward to do this achievement and i am sure i am gonna reach it 🙂

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