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Podcast Ep 72: Sarah James, Co-Host of the “Selfie” Podcast

Sarah James first came on the digital scene as the writer of the blog Whoorl. These days, she’s also the co-host of the Selfie podcast, which tags itself as a show “about self-care and other shit.” With a show description like that, we knew we’d found a kindred spirit … and we also knew we wanted to get some details on her beauty regimen. Her lipstick game is seriously on point.

Part of her own self-care routine is an emphasis on “clean beauty” and she shares how simple (yet essential) it is to take care of your skin with clean products. And good news — you can do so without breaking the bank. (Hooray for the Target natural beauty aisle!)

Sarah and her co-host, Kristen Howerton, are on a personality test kick these days with a big emphasis on The Enneagram Institute test, and they’ve been diving deep into the nine Enneagram types that people fall under. We also talked with her about “closet cleanses,” dealing with injuries that prevent you from participating in your favorite workouts, embracing gray hair and so much more in this fun and enlightening chat.

A few of our favorite quotes from Sarah James:


Podcast Episode 72 Highlights With Sarah James

  • Her favorite personality tests and how the insights have helped her with her self-care
  • The winter skin regimen she follows and how to gradually change to using natural beauty products
  • A few of her favorite green products (which you can also find here and here)
  • How she has overcome being an “information addict” 
  • The case for eliminating a large portion of your wardrobe
  • Why yoga is her “go-to” workout
  • Learning to embrace the aging process with genuine enthusiasm — and how that’s not the same thing as just letting yourself go
  • Plus, Margo, Jenn and Kristen talk about their experiences with personality tests and their ideas about self-care

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What are your favorite ways to practice self-care? Do you make it a true priority? —Margo

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