2018 Fitties: The Best Fitness- and Health-Related Products We’ve Tried

2018 Fitties: Other Stuff That’s Awesome and Doesn’t Fit Neatly into a Category

Best reason to run: for yourself and a cause. Because you’re worth it — and it’s a great way to give back. 

Best new ice pack: PainCakes. How has this not been a thing before now? It’s a cold pack that literally sticks to you. No more having your ice pack slide off!

Best book about friendship, fitness and getting real: Life’s Too Slow to Go So F*cking Slow. A beautiful book about a beautiful friendship. 

Best place to shop for, well, EVERYTHING: Marshalls. Like they say, “choose surprise!”

Best podcast host and producer: our very own Margo Donohue. Margo, we heart thee and everything you do for our show!


Okay, what would YOU give a Fittie to this year? We wanna hear about it in the comments, y’all! And be sure to check out the Noshies, Zennies and Mommies!

FTC disclosure: We often receive products from companies to review. All thoughts and opinions are always entirely our own. Unless otherwise stated, we have received no compensation for our review and the content is purely editorial. Affiliate links may be included. If you purchase something through one of those links we may receive a small commission. Thanks for your support!


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  1. Fat Fingers says:

    My fat little fingers can’t navigate your tiny little page numbers

  2. iris says:

    I’ve switched to a healthier life lately and now training for a race with half marathon app and also on a strict diet. Things are going great for now. Part of this transformational process is due to your blog posts.

  3. Here says:

    Great article, Jenn. Really love the content on the blog 🙂

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