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Podcast Ep 81: Veterinarian Dr. Sarah Boston

Dr. Sarah Boston is a veterinary surgical oncologist (aka a specialist in cancer surgery for dogs and cats) who one day discovered a lump in her thyroid and suspected it was cancer. How did she and her veterinarian husband confirm this? By utilizing the very same ultrasound equipment they used on their furry patients. Sarah wrote about her experience of being both a cancer expert and patient in her book Lucky Dog.

And today she joins us for an inspiring chat about she dealt with the stresses of being sick and how her experience continues to affect her work today.

Sarah also gives advice on how to handle your own health by making time for self-care (even if — or maybe especially if — you really don’t think you have time for it), plus she shares her best tips for managing difficult doctor and vet visits. She also talks about the dark side of being a veterinarian — coping with so much loss and giving bad news over the years — and her favorite ways to battle compassion fatigue.

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Now, here are our fave quotes from Dr. Sarah Boston …


Podcast Episode 81 Highlights With Dr. Sarah Boston

  • What it’s like to overcome a life-threatening illness
  • Her thoughts on the idea that thyroid cancer is a “good cancer” 
  • The stresses that veterinarians deal with in their jobs and how important it is to find something you enjoy outside of work
  • Her advice on seeking your true happiness, whether or not you ever face cancer
  • How dealing with her own cancer diagnosis changed the way she works with patients and their owners
  • The challenges of living without a thyroid
  • Tips for getting the most out of your vet visits
  • Dealing with abusive patients who get “sad/mad” about their pet’s diagnosis
  • Handling compassion fatigue 
  • The best ways to show your vet (and their crew) your appreciation

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How do you show your vet your appreciation for his or her hard work? —Margo

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