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Podcast Ep 98: Kelly DiNardo & Amy Pearce-Hayden of “Living the Sutras”

Whether you’re a longtime yogi or a newbie to asanas, you’ll find that Kelly DiNardo and Amy Pearce-Hayden have written an incredible book that’ll take your yoga practice to the next level: Living the Sutras: A Guide to Yoga Wisdom Beyond the Mat. (You might have seen Kelly’s guest post on how to make your yoga practice even more amazing here.)

Both Kelly and Amy run their own yoga studios (Kelly opened Past Tense in 2009 and Amy launched RajaHatha School of Yoga in 2003) and that, along with Amy’s background as a freelance journalist, gave them the idea to combine their talents and share how the origins of the yoga sutras (which are meant to complement the physical practice of yoga) and the ancient text behind them can solve help us learn gratitude and manage difficult relationships better today. Turns out, these sutras can assist with both overcoming bad habits and cultivating good ones to bring more happiness into our lives — and that’s only the beginning. (Can I get a namaste, people?!)

Check out this episode and listen to Kelly and Amy offer their advice for getting a little more zen into your life — plus, they’ve got a free meditation you can download.

Here’s one of our favorite quotes from the book …

Podcast Episode 98 Highlights With Kelly DiNardo & Amy Pearce-Hayden

  • How the two met as friends (Amy’s mother set them up!) and how they (coincidentally) opened their respective yoga studios on the same exact day (but in different years)
  • The “magic bomb” that helped the two yoga-studio owning pals create a book that would make the sutras easy for anyone to understand
  • The joys and challenges of running a business remotely
  • What exactly the sutras are
  • What a gratitude practice is and how it works
  • What it means to “cultivate the opposite”
  • Kelly’s jump-out-of-an-airplane metaphor and how it applies to the ancient texts
  • The difference between “the seer and the seen”
  • Untangling habit from desire (and realizing all habits are not necessarily bad)
  • How to live in the moment in a happier way
  • Carrying zen into the non-yoga parts of your day
  • How yoga can help individuals with addiction and/or trauma issues
  • The meditation you can download and try for FREE here!
  • Plus, we talk about our favorite “good habits” that keep us healthy

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What are ways you bring your yoga practice off the mat? —Margo

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