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Make This the Year You Don’t Diet

Every year, millions of well-intentioned people set resolutions.

Resolutions to get healthy, lose weight, work out regularly, and eat better.

And about 80 percent of people who make resolutions give up on them by February.


But does this stop us from trying again, and again, and again each time January comes around?


Why do we put ourselves through this madness? Why do we keep doing the same thing — and trying the same approach — year after year after year?


Is it because we’re stupid?


Is it because there’s some new magical diet promise?


Or, is it because we believe deep down that we can change and deserve more?


You DO DESERVE MORE. You deserve something different — something different that works.

This year, make a vow to not diet, restrict, cleanse, detox, or even go on a “health kick” (after all, they’re the same thing — and they don’t work).Make this the year that you take your power back. Make this the year that you rewrite your story. Make this the year that you take the focus off of your body weight and shape — and instead make it about feeling good as you are, unconditionally. Because it’s only from that place that you can truly take care of yourself and discover health and happiness.

Since this is a HUGE shift in how many of us approach New Year’s resolutions and goals in general, we’ve created some worksheets and classes at all price points (including free!) to help you break through, once and for all.

Anti-Diet Resources

And, remember: you can’t hate yourself healthy.

How will you make this next year different? You’ve got the power. –Jenn & Kristen

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  1. Thank you for sharing so many tips and resources related health, diet. I will definitely make my new year resolution to stay fit and healthy.

  2. Take care of your health every day! I try

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