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Podcast Ep 103: Patricia Moreno of IntenSati, Part 1

At one point, fitness star Patricia Moreno was the highest paid instructor in New York City. Consistently rated as “best instructor” year after year by top media outlets and the first hire of Equinox gyms when they launched in New York City, Patricia landed her dream gig as a daily national TV fitness segment on Breakfast Time. At the time, you would have thought she was living her best life.

Yet secretly, she was depressed, anxious, and felt like a fraud, binging and purging and using methamphetamines to manage her weight. Her fear of being seen even shopping for food in public led her to many secret and shameful habits. Her mantra at the time? “Thin at any cost.”

Then, Patricia decided to change her life.

Every once in a while, we interview someone who offers so many truth bombs that we need to split it into two episodes. And, wowzers, this is one of those times! Wait until you hear what Patricia has to say about turning the fitness industry on its ear!

In part one of our interview with Patricia, she talks about shedding her “fat-phobic” mentality and devoting her life to helping people achieve their health and wellness goals in a sustainable way. She talks about how she created her unique program, IntenSati, by combining workouts with incantations and affirmations — and how she can help you to learn to love yourself and have healthier thoughts.

Trust us. You will become her newest fan after listening to this ep!

Here is one of our favorite quotes …

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Podcast Episode 103 Highlights With Patricia Moreno, Part 1:

  • How she grew up believing that her appearance was her social currency
  • The workout that changed her life
  • The “moment of grace” that changed her mindset
  • How she worked her way to becoming one of the top fitness instructors in the business
  • The thought that broke her obsession with thinness
  • Her two-year journey to look for answers on how to create sustainable change
  • How your life will always reflect your self-concept (and how to upgrade it)
  • How a “fat-phobic” mentality hurts us all
  • The story and inspiration behind her popular and life-affirming workout IntenSati
  • Why you need a consistent practice of aligning your thoughts, words, and actions to truly change
  • What spiritual fitness is and why it’s so important to becoming happy and making a lasting healthy change
  • Plus Jenn talks about her first IntenSati class and the reason for the unusual camera work on her YouTube interview afterward!

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What does “spiritual fitness” mean to you? –Margo

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