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5 Podcast Eps With Real Heart

This time of year, it feels like love is in the air. Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone — and I totally get it — but even if you aren’t all that into making a grand gesture of love on a specific day in February, you have to admit that it’s awfully nice to have love and kindness front and center.


I mean, if there’s anything we love with our whole hearts around here, it’s love itself, in all its forms. After all, we believe that finding self-love is the first step toward a truly happy, healthy life — and all the healthy relationships we’ve developed with our friends, our families, our spouses, and our pets truly serve to make our lives all the richer.

With that in mind, we wanted to round up a few previous eps of The Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast that have us in the mood for love. (Note: These aren’t actually being re-released, so you won’t find them as new eps or replays in your subscription. So don’t worry! You aren’t missing anything if you don’t see anything new in your favorite podcast app!)


Now, if you feel like sharing a little love with us, we wouldn’t turn down a 5-star review on iTunes. The more reviews we get, the more people we reach, which helps us spread the word about how you can’t hate yourself healthy. (Psst — if you leave us a few words on iTunes about what it is you enjoy about the show, we’ll read it in an upcoming ep!)


Relationship expert Terri Cole

She gets into the dark side of not taking the time to care for yourself, plus she shares her tips for identifying “repeating realities” so you can overcome tiring relationship patterns.

Ultrarunning couple Scott and Jenny Jurek

You will not believe what they went through as Jenny helped Scott take on the goal of running the entire Appalacian Trail — and you’ll love what he has to say about her support.

Kelsey Miller of Refinery 29

This woman is brilliant when it comes to living a life full of joy — and self-love. She’s a big proponent of the anti-diet message and has some great insight on body image and beauty.

Fit Couple Cooks’ Adam Bannon

Guys, they just had a baby!

Bob Harper

And we can’t really talk about “heart” without bringing up this ep.  We just can’t.

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