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Preparing for First Baby vs. Second Baby

I’ve always heard that your second pregnancy and preparing your second baby is SO much different that your first one. And now, I’m living that.

Granted, things are a bit different preparing for twins — as it’s double the gear and double the change — but, still, I’ve been so much more chill than I was last time. And now that I’m out of the first trimester and feeling better, the time is FLYING.

This is 15 weeks … I think.

It’s funny, too, because I’m just as excited as I was the first time and there’s still a lot to do — it’s just that you have a better understanding of what’s important to really focus on and what to invest your time and energy in (and, on the flipside, what you can let slide a bit). Plus! You’ve already got a little one to take care of.

Preparing for First Baby vs. Second Baby

Here are just a few of the ways this pregnancy is totes different than the first one. See if you agree!

First baby: Carefully shops for maternity clothes.

Second baby: Rummages through old maternity clothes and larger sizes to see what might fit and be weather-appropriate.


First baby: Buys countless nursing tanks and tops.

Second baby: Goes to Old Navy and stocks up on V-necks in every color.


First baby: Labors over paint color, crib, rocker, and everything in the nursery.

Second baby: Sets up room in a weekend with a chair from IKEA.


First baby: Researches carseats and agonizes over picking the best one.

Second baby: Realizes you need a new carseat two weeks before the baby is born and picks up what’s at Target.


First baby: Creates an elaborate birth plan with playlist, essential oils, lighting requests, etc.

Second baby: Reuses first birth plan or simplifies it to: “Have baby.”


First baby: Always knows exactly how many weeks you are to the day — and what fruit size the baby is.

Second baby: Sometimes forgets exactly what week it is …


First baby: Takes weekly pregnancy photos with cute sign or backdrop.

Second baby: Blinks and the week is over — attempts to get a pregnancy photo at least every couple of weeks.


First baby: Reads a special book to your unborn baby every day.

Second baby: Reads your kiddo’s favorite book to your unborn baby each night as a part of bedtime — and then you crash.


First baby: Naps when you want and goes to bed when you want.

Second baby: Goes to bed after your kids — and getting time for a nap feels like a day at the spa.


One thing that remains the same though? The excitement and love.


What differences did you notice between your first baby and the next one(s)? –Jenn

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