The Spring FabFitFun Box Is Like Opening a Box of Sunshine

Y’all are familiar with the FabFitFun subscription box, right? You know, the one filled with eight to 10 full-sized (yes, we said full-sized!) beauty, fitness, wellness, and home products curated by beauty experts that’s sent to your doorstep each and every season? Yep, it’s awesome. With more than $200 of goodies for only $49.99 per box, it’s one of the best deals you can scoop up.

We’ve been getting the box and praising it for years now, but the latest spring box that we just got our Fit Bottomed hands on? Holy, wow. It’s like getting a box of fun sunshine delivered straight to your door.

Spoiler: We really dug this box …

Now, I pretty much loved everything in my FabFitFun box (there are some selection options in this box for a variety of the products so that you can customize it a little if you want, so your content could differ slightly from mine), but here are the five items that I’ve really fallen in love with.

1. Deux Lux Demi Backpack

I was in need of a bag that wasn’t too big but still held enough, and this backpack was the perfect solution! It’s so on trend and yet casual enough that I can wear it with workout clothes or street clothes — or even a dress. It’s sized to hold all my stuff, plus some crayons and a coloring book for my daughter. Great for travel, too!

2. Quay Australia Vivienne in Black/Smoke

I’ll admit that this style of shades is a bit out of my fashion comfort zone, but, I really, really love them. They’re fun, they’re bold, they’re over-sized, and they feel pretty glamorous on. They’re also helping me feel like spring and summer is actually on its way — at last!

3. Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion in Mandarin, Orange & Bergamot

Besides making my dry hands super soft and moisturized, this body lotion smells like spring — so floral and bright and fresh. I can’t get enough of it.

4. S’ip by S’well

I don’t go anywhere without water or something to sip on, and this stainless steel water bottle is insulated so you can take any of your drinks — hot or cold — with you, and they’ll stay that way. I love that the reusable bottle is the perfect size for the treadmill and the car, too.

5. Eleven by Venus Jump Rope

I have mad respect for Venus Williams. And this jump rope? Well, I can throw it in my bag with my S’ip and get in a workout virtually wherever I go, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It basically allows me to channel my inner Venus.

Wanna get a FabFitFun, too? Each season’s box sells out fast, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out. Hey, we can be sunnies buddies! –Jenn

Update! The Spring 2019 Box is SOLD OUT! FabFitFun + FitBottomedGirls are extending a *secret* offer to new members. Follow this link to reveal your deal & get on the list for the next box!

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  1. Awesome! The Fab Fit Fun looks really fun.

  2. Susan Pritchard says:

    I joined in the FabFitFun box subscription very late…so I got some different items than pictured. I loved everything and what a great value. This is the best subscription box I have every received and I’m sure looking forward to the next one.

  3. Only the backpack (of these 5 items) was included in my box. Bummer!

  4. tammy jones says:

    i have not got my spring box yet but i know i will soon i am so excited

  5. Deb Hood says:

    Guess your box had the good stuff,got junk in mine


  7. Got my spring fabfitfun box and one of the tubes exploded so all the contents were wet. Wish I returned it for a replacement but I was not sure if I can. I love them all except I just have to clean up the mess. Can’t wait for my summer box.

  8. Phyllis Bragg says:

    Hmm, pretty disappointed. I did not get any of these great items in my box. No backpack. No water bottle. No sunglasses. No jump rope. May have to cancel my subscription.

  9. Dulce M. says:

    I didn’t get any of the items pictured. That sucks, who do I contact to get those goodies?

  10. Karrell Hargrave says:

    Only received two of these 5 fine things. Looking forward to summer box!

  11. Josephine Farrell says:

    Oh wow I didn’t receive the backpack, the sunglasses, the jump rope nor the handbook… 😭 I wished I received these items…

  12. Jamie lee says:

    My second box! No backpack no glasses no robe no drink container….. plus I ordered mystery gift as extra and got one of the same lotions in the regular box! I mean it’s still nice things but I haven’t been getting what they show on line and this was my second box

  13. Carrie Suhr says:

    From the comments below i dont think i will not be ordering this

  14. Michelle cinkel says:

    Fab fit fun charged my acct 53,61 and 193.04 I recurved my box on 5-31 I need a rep to call me ASAP

  15. Ashley Cline says:

    Posts like these are so deceptive to followers. A common person without a blog who just signs up with never get anything besides junk. If you sign on for another year and dump another $200 plus into the company you may get some of the items pictured. It seems the longer you are with the company the better the gifts. Your better off not signing up holding onto your money and going to the store and pampering yourself with gifts that you really want or do what I did and use it as a chance to stock up on gifts to regift because the stuff they sent never matched my personality and I didn’t need a million face masks/peels, lip stick/gloss that wasn’t my color, and cheap necklaces that look like they came from Walmart.

  16. Emmmy says:

    pretty disappointed. I’ve been a member for years and I did not get any of these great items in my box. No backpack. No water bottle. No sunglasses. No jump rope. May have to cancel my subscription. I feel very cheated. Need to see if I can cancel prior to next box billing. I mean, has anyone gone through that before. What should be done, especially when I picked two of those items and didn’t get it.

  17. Debbie says:

    I got the Spring and Summer boxes from FFF and didnt get any of these good items. Thats why i cancelled.

  18. Becky Marie Anderson says:

    I did not get any of these items. I am going to wait for one more box, and if I am still not more satisfied, I will be canceling my subscription.