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7 Budget-Friendly Tips for Your Next Family Vacation

Although I’m pretty homebound from now until the twins make their debut (also the reason why I’ll be Skyping in for this!), now that summer is just around the corner, I’m thinking of all the summer family vacations yet to come. Disney is always up there as a dream, along with any destination that has a beach or mountains (or, let’s be honest, wine!).

However, with my family expanding from a party-of-three to a party-of-five, affordability is definitely a key factor for any future family vacay. And, I imagine I’m not alone in that need, huh, mamas?

So! Without further ado, here are seven tips to help you save money when taking a family vacation from MyBankTracker.com. They recently arrived in my inbox and were so good that I wanted to share.

7 Budget-Friendly Tips for Your Next Family Vacation

1. Consider alternative housing. You don’t have to stay in a hotel — consider a home swap, house-sit, or apartment rental. And don’t forget to check bed and breakfasts; they may be considerably cheaper, especially when you factor in a family meal that’s usually included.

2. Ask about family deals. Some hotels offer discounted rates for families or free meals for kiddos. Additionally, some booking sites may offer family packages that can save you more than booking things individually.

3. Travel with others. Traveling with another family might be worthwhile so the adults can take turns watching the kids. If you do this, make sure roles are clearly established before leaving so bills and budgeting are discussed.

4. Consider other vacation alternatives. Who says you have to travel to have a vacation? Staycations can be fun with exciting activities for the whole family. Take mini vacations in the summer, such as camping one weekend, a theme park for another.

5. Get the kids involved. Involving the entire family in decisions will build enthusiasm for all that you do. Also, before your trip, look for age-appropriate books or movies about the destination to build excitement.

6. Pack well. Take all the medications you might need — even for sicknesses you don’t think will strike. Then you don’t have to hit a drugstore or pay higher-than-usual rates if your only option is the airport or hotel gift shop.

7. Consider safety first. This tip might not save you any money but it will save your sanity — and keep everyone as safe as possible (especially if you’re going somewhere with crowds). Explain to your children what to do if you get separated and tuck a business card from where you’re staying in their pockets with your contact information written on it.

Alrighty, let’s here where you and your fam is vacationing at this summer? I’ll just live vicariously through you. –Jenn

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