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Beyond Tea and Toast: Raw Local Honey Benefits

Honey is probably the sweetener I reach for most often (well, maybe tied with pure maple syrup, anyway). I love it in tea, I often drizzle a little on toast or a buttered English muffin, and it adds just the right amount of sweetness to plain Greek yogurt with fruit and chia seeds. I had an amazing pizza lately that included hot peppers with a drizzle of honey (called a “Bee Sting), and when I’m looking to add a touch of sweetness and consistency to a salad dressing? Honey to the rescue.

And, did you know about all the health benefits honey — specifically local, raw honey — has to offer? I mean, don’t get me wrong — honey is still very high in sugar, so I’m not suggesting you grab a bottle and start guzzling. But you might want to consider it a little more often as a sugar substitute after you read this.

Benefits of Raw, Local Honey

Seasonal allergy relief. I first looked into raw, local honey at the farmer’s market because my husband and I were suffering from horrible seasonal allergies and I’d read that eating local honey could help us become desensitized to the local pollen — kind of the way an allergy shot works. And, while I’ll always love shopping at my local farmer’s market, I don’t get there as regularly as I’d like, so I’ve been using Rice’s Local Hive Florida Honey, a brand established in 1924 with a commitment to promoting, protecting and prolonging pollination. They’ve got local hive varieties from all over the country — Washington, New England, the Great Lakes, Texas, and loads of spots in between — so you can find raw, unfiltered honey from your neck of the woods. And you can buy it online! Sweet. They sent over a bottle of the Florida and Southeast flavors, and it’s pretty cool to do a tasting and see what flavors stand out.

Free radical-fighting antioxidants. We all want more antioxidants in our lives — it’s part of why I’m always adding more fruits and veggies to my smoothies. And raw honey can pack a lot of ’em into a small serving.

Sore throat soothing. Whether it’s from allergies, a cold, or singing along too loudly at last night’s concert, if my throat is feeling a little raw, honey is my go-to. I usually put it in hot tea or hot water, ideally with some lemon if I’ve got it. It’s pretty darn tasty and it just feels like a hug.

Immune boost. Honey contains phytonutrients — those are the compounds found in plants that help protect the plant from things like ultraviolet radiation. And while it’s not a magical cure, raw honey has been shown to have some immune-boosting and even anti-cancer benefits. If your immune system could use a little boost, we’ve got just the recipe for you, straight from the book Anti-Inflammatory Drinks for Health by Maryea Flaherty (aka Happy Healthy Mama).

Immunity Booster Shot Recipe

Serves 1


  • 1 small orange, peeled
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon peeled, chopped fresh ginger
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon raw honey
  • 1⁄8 teaspoon cayenne powder


  1. Using a citrus press or your hands, squeeze the juice from the orange into the container of a small blender. It should yield approximately 1⁄4 cup juice.
  2. Add ginger, raw honey, and cayenne powder to the blender and blend on high until all ingredients are thoroughly combined and smooth.
  3. Consume immediately.

Are you sweet on honey like I am? —Kristen

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    Thanks for sharing this article. It is very informative. can we use honey in the summer season?

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  4. Rijhu says:

    Hello Kristen,

    Thanks for sharing this useful and informative post. The various benefits you discussed is very useful and good for our overall health. I drink raw honey and lemon with a glass full of warm water everyday early morning on an empty stomach to lose some weight and also feels very good. Useful post.


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