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Podcast Ep 111: Nealy Fischer, The Flexible Chef

Nealy Fischer, who you might better know as The Flexible Chef, inspires people all over the globe to live a healthier, well-rounded lifestyle. Armed with a “little black book” of favorite recipes, workout methods, yogis and health professionals, she founded MAYYA, which runs luxury wellness events across Asia.

Nealy describes herself as a recovering perfectionist — something many of us can relate to, right? She believes we’d all feel better and happier if we could just ditch our goals of perfection in the kitchen and focus on filling our meals with a little more fun and meaning. She counts fixing kitchen flops as one of her superpowers, and she’s happy to offer her tips for turning a mistake into a perfectly enjoyable meal.

Nealy and her family (including her four kids) divide their time between Montana, Hong Kong, and Israel — so you know we talked to her about her travel tips. However, she doesn’t find her ability to traverse the globe with children in tow quite as impressive as we do, and she’s quick to say that all women (regardless of their family status) should take pride in their ability to manage so many life challenges.

She shares some tremendous advice for getting more out of life by being more flexible, plus she talks about staying focused on long-term goals while not getting lost in daily challenges. Food, life, and fitness — we touch on all of it in this ep!

A few of our favorite quotes from this ep:

Podcast Ep 111 Highlights with Nealy Fischer:

  • How the “recovering perfectionist” ditches perfection in the kitchen 
  • How the busy mom of four stays sane while living life in three distinct places, all thousands of miles apart from each other
  • Her best advice for cheering yourself up when feeling a little down
  • How she aspires for excellence while employing some shortcuts along the way
  • Her tips for keeping up a regular food routine no matter where she lives
  • How “home” is more of a state of mind than an actual place
  • Ways that she remains focused on her bigger goals while dealing with daily challenges
  • Why she is all about indulgences (and creating healthier versions of them)
  • The book she just released: Food You Want: For the Life You Crave
  • Plus, we talk about enjoying “healthy indulgences”
  • And we now have stickers to hand out! Listen in to find out how you can score your own!

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What are your favorite healthy indulgences? —Margo

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