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What Do You See When You Scroll, Really?

How often do you get on social media?

Ever noticed how it tends to make you feel?

While there are A LOT of positive things going on in the Facebook-, Instagram- and Twitter-sphere today, the research is clear: Whether we’re aware of it or not, social media does affect how we feel about ourselves. And, it particularly seems to influence our body confidence.

In fact, a study by the Center for Eating Disorders found that among users aged 16-40, 51 percent of people felt more conscious of their body and weight after spending time on Facebook — and more than a third wanted to change specific body parts.

Just think about it: As you scroll through images and updates, it’s really easy to begin to compare yourself to what you see. Are you as fit? Having as awesome a vacay as someone else? Is your home as beautifully decorated?

It’s a mind you-know-what. And it’s one we may not even realize we’re falling into.

But, the truth of the matter is this: you simply can’t compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel. Besides filters, angles and make-up, most of us tend to only share the best moments of our lives on social media. So, it’s just a comparison that doesn’t even come close to being reality.

So, our personal challenge to you is to start paying attention to how you feel before you check social media — and after. Which accounts truly lift you up? And which ones … well, don’t? Which people or sites make you feel like you need to do or be more than what you already are in order to feel like you have value? Take note of that.

Then, don’t be afraid to do a little digital decluttering … And, hey, — shameless self-promotion — if you’re looking for a new positive body image site to follow, might we suggest ourselves, @FitBottomedGirl and all of these on Insta?

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