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Podcast Ep 114: Yoga Expert Kathryn Budig

It’s not every day that someone brings up Greek mythology during a podcast interview, but Kathryn Budig is not your average yogi. With Artemis —  Olympian goddess of the hunt — as the inspiration for her “Aim True” motto, the yoga teacher, author, and animal lover seeks to help everyone find joy in whatever form of movement they use.

While you could once find her teaching yoga in California, where she trained at Yogaworks under the tutelage of her mentors, Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller, she’s now living a somewhat quieter life in South Carolina, teaching online classes at Yogaglo, designing exclusive yoga gear for designer KiraGrace, and co-hosting the Free Cookies podcast with her wife, Kate Fagan. And, you can still catch her teaching at live events all around the world — good to know with International Yoga Day right around the corner, right?

Her recent article in Bon Appetit revealed the extreme lengths some people go through to achieve the “perfect yoga body,” and it’s an approach to health (or, shall we say, “health”) she wants to quash now. Kathryn is all about embracing your body (or “meat suit” as she refers to hers) in all of its unique glory. And if you have a body part that is giving you some concern — well, why not name it and find the humor in the so-called imperfection? (She has the best pet name for her lower belly. Just you wait.)

Some of our favorite quotes from this ep:

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Podcast Ep 114 Highlights With Kathryn Budig:

  • The origins of her “Aim True” message — and how that inspired her yoga philosophy
  • How where she lives impacts her food and fitness choices
  • What “unconscious default mode” means and how to break the habit
  • Finding joy in movement — whatever form you choose
  • The thought and intelligence that should be behind yoga sequences
  • How she ended up designing an exclusive clothing line for once of our fave brands, KiraGrace
  • Her deep thoughts about life and laziness
  • Warm fuzzies about her “Poses for Paws” events
  • Plus, in honor of Kathryn’s Free Cookies podcast, we each name our favorite cookie — and it gets serious!

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What is your favorite cookie? —Margo

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