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Podcast Ep 115: Rob Dionne of Open Sky Fitness

If you are in the mood for some intense motivation to improve just about every aspect of your life, you’ll love this interview with the energetic and inspiring Rob Dionne of Open Sky Fitness. Rob and his wife, Devon, have taken online coaching and training to the next level and help busy people take control of their lives while ditching diets and kicking perfectionism to the curb.

Rob is passionate about helping people find external accountability to help them hit their fitness and career goals, which he does as the host of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast (where Jenn and Kristen were recent guests). He also busts old-school ideas of fitness and nutrition and instead helps folks find their inner workout warrior by guiding them into activities they enjoy with short-term goals to ignite their motivation.

Improving your mindset is key when trying to reach your healthy goals, and this is something Rob believes in strongly — it’s part of why he’s such a huge proponent of therapy. In this discussion, he talks about how he’s overcome his perfectionist tendencies and how doing so helped him achieve success.

This ep is jam-packed with inspiration and we are thrilled to be able to introduce you all to Rob!

One of our favorite quotes from this ep:

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Podcast Ep 115 Highlights With Rob Dionne

  • Rob’s unique coaching approach
  • Why perfectionism will sabotage your success
  • Tips for creating external accountability — and why some people require it
  • How to break down what you want and why you want it in order to set achievable goals
  • Why “internal work” is essential for happiness
  • All about the Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin and why Rob is a fan of her work
  • How interpreting everything through a negative filter will keep you from getting to the heart of your personal happiness
  • Why he believes the only important things in life are our memories and conversations
  • The lessons he’s learned since becoming a father
  • Plus, Jenn and Kristen talk about how being guests on Open Sky Fitness felt like a therapy session — in the best possible way

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What’s your approach to doing the internal work required for true happiness? –Margo

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