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Preparing for Babies No. 2 and 3: Nursery and Product Must-Haves

I’m almost too nervous to type it in case we’re forgetting something major, but — aside from buying a minivan and investing in a double jogging stroller — I think we are pretty set up for the twin girls to arrive!

My husband and I have spent the last couple of months turning what was a tiny playroom into the nursery, and I gotta say, that I’m very pleased with how it turned out. It’s cozy and functional, but we squeezed all of the most-important things in there!

There were a few things that we knew were a MUST from our first time doing this with Gwen — and we were able to reuse almost all of her baby stuff, which is great. (Disclosure: there are some affiliate links in here — thanks for helping to support the site!)

Twin Nursery Must-Haves

  • Blackout curtains. These are essential.
  • A white noise machine with no automatic turn off.
  • A good monitor. We went with the Nest Indoor Camera this time based on a friend’s recommendation, and it seems great with our testing so far.
  • An area for feeding/nursing that had enough storage for burp cloths, snacks, a massive water bottle (there is no thirst like breastfeeding thirst, OMG), phone, phone charger, bottles, low-level light, breast pump, etc. We did get a gently used Twin Z Nursing Pillow, too, and it’s not shown because it’s ENORMOUS and I suspect that — as long as I am able to breastfeed like I hope — I’ll most likely carry that around with me all over the house at all hours of the day and night.
  • A diaper-changing station + dresser. Top drawer of that dresser is filled with wipes, diapers, and Triple Paste. The other two drawers are filled with newborn and 0-3 month clothes.
  • Crib. Or, in this case, cribs! We most likely will try start them out in one crib in our room and then move them to two once they start moving around — only time will tell on how that all shakes out though.
  • Rug. We like a cozy rug and our hardwood floors were pretty beat up (we pulled up carpet to get to them). We went with a washable Ruggable rug because messes happen! (Note: We love Ruggable rugs so much we even got an outdoor one and signed up as an affiliate!)
  • Diaper pail and hamper. The closet in this room is tiny and triangular, making it really difficult to do much with. That’s why we put the diaper pail and hamper in there — along with baskets for hats, socks, and other accessories that you don’t need multiple times a day, but do need access to.

We also have a variety of what I like to call “baby apparatuses”: swings, bouncers, activity mats, etc., but there is zero room for them in the nursery — and, really, they’ll most likely be set up like a gym circuit in our living room. More to come on that once the babies are here and I can share some tips.

In addition, we’ve set up a diaper-changing table with supplies in my office, which is next to our living room and gives us an easy place to change diapers on the lower level (the nursery is upstairs). And, I plan to create a second feeding/nursing area (also investing in some new bottles like these!) or supply kit (like a basket or side table on wheels) that I can move around the house, depending on where I decide I like to nurse/feed on the lower level. Again, more to come on that as we figure it out!

Last but not least, this time around I’ve gotten some new products to try for the babies! Turns out, since we had Gwen four years ago, a lot of new stuff has come out, and I’m really excited about it. Here are some new goodies I was sent to try for Fit Bottomed Mamas — all I need are two babies to put them to the test!

Made of Wipes and Diapers

I’m always looking for good organic and earth-friendly products, and Made Of seems legit. I’ll put them to the baby test later, but the company has diaper subscription programs, plus other baby and household essentials like soaps, lotions, cleaners, and more. All Made Of diapers have no additives from print, colors, dyes, or fragrances — and, the company shares where its ingredients comes from, actual test results, and where the product is manufactured in the U.S. Pretty cool!

Squishy Mats Changing Mat and Play Mat

Although we have a few rugs in the house, most of our home has hardwood floors. Which I love. They’re easy to clean and look great. But … they’re not exactly soft for itty bitties. Which is why I jumped at the chance to try these. They’re made for on-the-go (which I love for the space factor — and because we will take them on the go!), and give your baby a soft spot to master rolling, sitting and eventually crawling, while also providing a squishy spot for big people to get down with baby and play more comfortably. With non-skid backing and a super soft impact-absorbing memory foam center, these come in three different sizes, and I’m pumped to try them. Especially since they’re washer, dryer and bleach safe!

AdaptiFIT swaddle blankets from Snugglebumpkinz

From our time around with our daughter, we know that swaddling is a MUST, especially in the first three months. And these new AdaptiFIT swaddle blankets from Snugglebumpkinz seem to be pretty genius. Instead of coming in different sizes, this one actually grows with your baby, from birth to blanket, — and the swaddle holds itself closed no matter where you close it (instead of relying on specifically placed Velcro tabs, this one sticks to itself anywhere). You can can swaddle arms in, one arm out, two arms out, hands to face (for self-soothing), or any other style which helps your baby feel comfortable and supported. Bonus: it comes in some pretty adorable prints.

Freemie Liberty Breast Pump

I plan to do a full review of the Freemie Liberty later this year once I’ve had a chance to fully test it, but, man, I am excited to give this a go … on the go. Because Freemie allows you to collect breast milk in a hands-free and totally concealable way. Although it works just like a regular breast pump, the cups are actually held in place by your bra and instead of milk falling down tubes and hanging in bottles below the funnels, it collects in those cups that surround the funnels. The rechargeable lightweight pump clips onto the side of whatever you’re wearing so that you can adjust suction, speed, and time. Seems awesome, right?!

Bubbsi Coconut Oil Balm and Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream

Aren’t these beyond adorable? I can also tell you that they smell GREAT. Made from organic coconut oil and 100 percent naturally-derived vegan ingredients, this multipurpose, no-mess, deep-moisturizing balm and lotion forms a protective barrier on skin and absorbs quickly. Perfect for smoothing rough patches, protecting diaper area and helping with cradle cap, the whole line is allergy-, dermatologist-, and pediatrician-tested for even the most sensitive skin. Oh, and the bottles are refillable to reduce waste … and maximize cuteness.

Tide Free & Gentle

While I’ll likely stock up on some Dreft, too, I’ve been trying Tide Free & Gentle recently and really liking it for the whole family. It’s free of dyes and perfumes, it’s hypoallergenic, and it gets clothes, sheets, and towels clean. Really clean. Like, everyone-in-the-house-got-a-stomach-bug-and-things-only-took-one-wash clean. Now that’s my kind of laundry detergent.

What essentials or new items am I forgetting? The mom brain is real over here! –Jenn

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