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Do You Really Need Special Socks for Running?

There are a lot of specialty running items out there. Some you totally and absolutely need (like, a good pair of running shoes — always worth the price), and others that are, er, not so much (pretty much any tech wearable — like, they can be super awesome, but you don’t have to have them to get a good run in, ya know?).

In the past, I honestly would have put running socks in the latter category. I mean, as long as you get a pair that wicks away sweat and doesn’t chafe, is there that big of a difference?

Turns out YES. With the right pair of running socks, there is a HUGE difference. I just didn’t know it because I’d never experienced it.

And, now, people, I have seen the light! And have happy, happy (joy, joy) feet every time I run.

(Note: We love these socks so much we signed up to be an affiliate, so if you purchase from the links on this post, we get a small portion of the sale. Thanks for your support!)

Feetures sent me two of its latest running socks: the Merino 10 Cushion No Show Tab and the Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab. Both changed my opinion of running socks — and it was from the very first time I put them on. Both pairs fit snug to your foot, but in a way that cradles and supports the natural shape of your foot. Think of it like a really soft but firm hug — it’s just comforting and feels good.

Both pairs have some serious tech going on, too. The Merino 10 is made with a combo of TENCEL and merino wool for all-weather performance. And both are constructed with what Feetures calls “targeted compression” that gives you high-density cushioning and extra protection in high-impact areas to prevent blisters.

Plus, they’re seamless and wick away moisture and sweat, which is essential during a run (especially during a long or particularly hot one).

Because there is nothing worse than a seam rubbing you raw when you’re out getting your run on.

They offer both lines in quarter and crew lengths as well, although I found the no show tab length to give my heels plenty of coverage (which, in the past, has been an issue for me) because they stay put and don’t push down like other socks do. Oh, and the fun colors that each line is offered in? Just a pretty bonus. I’m pretty much a superfan of the Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab in that pink, purple, and teal shown above. SO fun.

And, it’s important to note that these hold their shape — basically forever, in my experience (and also Kristen’s, as she’s been wearing Feetures for years). So much better than the cotton ones that start out great and then look like they belong to Big Foot a few months in!

Have you ever worn running socks before? Tried Feetures? I’m telling you, they’re run-changing! –Jenn

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