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My Kombucha Dreams Just Came True

I love kombucha.

I also enjoy having a drink or two a few nights a week with my husband or my friends.

And this can right here? Well, it put all my loves together and has made my sippin’ dreams come true.

Yes, it’s HARD kombucha. Much like hard soda or hard sparkling water, alcoholic kombucha is now a thing, and with Flying Embers’ four flavors coming in at 4.5 percent alcohol per 12-ounce can with zero sugar and live probiotics, it’s a thing I really, really love (in moderation, of course).

There are beginning to be more and more hard kombuchas on the market, and quite honestly, I’m excited to taste them all as distribution expands to my area. But Flying Embers (who sent me a couple of each flavor to try on the house) really stands out to me for a number of reasons. First, it’s gluten-free and vegan. Second, it’s got all the good stuff you’d expect from kombucha (yay, fermented tea), plus adaptogens to help you beat stress. Third, and, let’s be honest, most important: all of the flavors taste GREAT. Not to mention that each can has a bit of effervescence to it, so you almost feel like you’re drinking a sparkling wine.

This hard kombucha comes in: Ancient Berry, Grapefruit Thyme, Lemon Orchard, and, Ginger & Oak. And they’re not playing around with subtlety in the flavor — each is pronounced and comes from natural ingredients. In the Ancient Berry you can taste the raspberries and elderberries; in the Grapefruit Thyme you get a nice balance of tart and sweet; in Lemon Orchard, it’s like a refreshing and more savory twist on lemonade; and in Ginger & Oak it’s spicy, earthy, and warm.

I really enjoyed all of the flavors — and they’re easy to pair with the weather (Ginger & Oak when it’s cold, Lemon Orchard when it’s warm out, for example) or with whatever you’re craving (so, wanna go more sweet? Try Ancient Berry. Looking for a grapefruit mimosa replacement? Go Grapefruit Thyme). I also love that these are canned — and not in heavy glass bottles.

I am seriously SO on board with this trend. And, it seems like a natural progression since regular kombucha naturally has trace amounts of alcohol in it. It does make me wonder though: What’s next? Boozy kale juice in a can? After all, green juice cocktails are already a thing!

Have you tried Flying Embers or any hard kombuchas? What did you think? —Jenn

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  1. Peachy says:

    We don’t have this in Canada yet but this looks so good to be honest! I can’t wait until we have them in stores here. Do you find that the alcohol cancels out the benefits of Kombucha in these drinks?

    1. Jenn says:

      That’s a good question! Something to ask a registered dietitian for sure. 🙂


  2. Beks says:

    I love kombucha. I was introduced to it by a friend’s mother. For me, I have noticed a boost in my immune system. Colds and flu are a thing of the past and my psoriasis has cleared up. It certainly doesn’t hurt to drink it and it’s fun to experiment with different flavours.

  3. Lori says:

    I love kombucha. All of the flavors taste GREAT.

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