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Fit Bottomed Reset Day 1: The Right Mindset

Hey, hey, it’s Jenn & Kristen of Fit Bottomed Girls here! And we are super psyched that you’re officially embarking on your journey to become a Fit Bottomed Girl — inside and out.

Today is Day 1 of the Fit Bottomed Reset email course — and our hope and intention is that it’s also the beginning of so many things for you, including:

  • An awareness of what dieting is — and why it never works
  • Freedom from all-or-nothing thinking
  • The adoption of a mindset that doesn’t equate your worth with your size
  • The ability to give yourself unconditional self-love each and every day
  • Being strong and confident in your body at any size, on your own terms
  • Ditching weight-loss goals and, instead, setting a goal to feel empowered and healthy
  • Feeling like a Fit Bottomed Girl!

And all of that starts with one very simple yet powerful thing: a beginner’s mindset.

Sometimes you’ll also hear this called a growth mindset.

No matter what you call it, the essence remains the same: Whether you think you know everything about health and fitness or are just starting out, there’s always room to grow and to learn.

But! It’s impossible to do that if you aren’t open to the possibility of seeing things — and doing things — differently than you have in the past.

And — spoiler alert — in this course we’re going to push you to see (and do) A LOT of things in a whole new way. Sometimes very differently than you’ve ever done before — and definitely differently than the advice you normally get on how to be healthy.

Because, hey — here’s the hard truth, which we say with total and absolute love: If everything you knew about being healthy and happy was working, then you probably wouldn’t be here in this course, would ya?

So, our one request for day one? Whenever you start to think: “This isn’t going to work for me,” or “I already know that I need [insert food/activity/other healthy living tip you’ve relied on for however many years here],” or you just start to resist any sort of change because you “know” XYZ … lovingly remind yourself to open up and shift back to that beginner’s / growth mindset.

It’s a game changer!

And, we know you can do it.

Once you’ve mastered this, move on to Day 2 of the Fit Bottomed Reset below. It shares our own personal stories and how we each — in very different ways — came to become “FBGs.” Plus! You’ll get insight into how you can become an FBG, too.

Go to Day 2 of the Fit Bottomed Reset here.




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