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Fit Bottomed Reset Day 2: How We Took Our Power Back and You Can, Too

Hi again! And, welcome to Day 2 of the Fit Bottomed Reset.

Change can come about in many ways.

Sometimes it’s a big ol’ moment of knowing and — boom! — EVERYTHING changes. That was definitely the case for Jenn when she was planning her wedding and was rocked to her core by one simple question:

Could you imagine what would happen if the women of the world stopped being worried about the number on the scale?

That question — and Jenn’s response to it, which you can read about here — didn’t only change her life, but also led to the creation of Fit Bottomed Girls. That’s one heck of an “aha!”

But not everyone has an eye opener like that. In fact, Kristen — even though she’s as FBG as can be these days — had a much more progressive approach. Rather than a big moment of awakening, she made small changes, day by day — and, honestly, that’s not a journey with a hard and fast end.

Which just goes to show you that there’s no one way to do this — to find freedom in your food and in your body. Everyone’s journey is unique. And it’s never “over” — you just keep learning and growing.

Epiphanies can be large, small … or not at all. And we think that’s pretty rad — because that means that there’s room for everyone at the Fit Bottomed Girl table.

Now let’s get more into what a Fit Bottomed Girl is so that you can get in on the fun, too.

What It Means to Be a Fit Bottomed Girl

We learned years ago (the hard way) through trial and error how to live a TRULY healthy and self-loving, regardless-of-your-size life, and if you’re looking to join us in living that sweet, healthy, fit bottomed life, below is a cheatsheet to being an FBG.

(Believe us, it ROCKS. And doesn’t have a darn thing to do with the shape or size of your bottom!)


  • is curious, not judgmental
  • focuses on what she can add rather than subtract
  • loves life with zero shame in her game
  • listens to and honor her hunger
  • respects her body
  • loves herself — even her perceived faults
  • cuts herself a break
  • trusts her intuition
  • doesn’t take herself too seriously
  • laughs often
  • takes time for herself
  • understands the importance of rest

An FBG does not:

  • count calories
  • obsess about the number on the scale
  • judge herself — or others
  • skip meals
  • see workouts as “work”
  • always be on the go
  • spend lots of long hours at the gym to compensate for food she’s eaten
  • restrict food for the purpose of weight-loss
  • beat herself up for not adhering to any of the above, because each day is a new day and a new opportunity to grow

Essentially, it all comes back to the idea (and our tagline!) that you can’t hate yourself healthy. Being an FBG is about starting from a place of self-love, creating healthy habits you enjoy as a way to show yourself the love and respect you deserve rather than a way to punish your body and force it into a size it wasn’t made to be.

You’re way more than a number on the scale — and true health and happiness is about way more. But, more on that in day 3!

Go to Day 3 of the Fit Bottomed Reset here.

Ready to have your epiphany in whatever form it takes — or just had a breakthrough? Leave a comment and tell us all about it!

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