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Fit Bottomed Reset Day 5: The Secret to Taking Your Power Back

Hey, hey, and welcome to Day 5 of the Fit Bottomed Reset!

You did it! It’s the last day of the Fit Bottomed Rest! And we are closing on a really powerful and important lesson — how YOU can take your power back once and for all. And be healthy and happy on your own terms. (At last!)

We can just feel that you are READY to kick dieting, all-or-nothing thinking, and any type of “change” that masquerades as healthy but is really just diet culture to the curb.

But, now what?

Now that you know how to spot diet culture in all of its forms and you’re ready to take your power back, what do you do? What can you do? Do this, TODAY.

How to Take Your Power Back from Dieting

  1. Make the commitment to yourself. First, vow to give yourself unconditional self-love and self-compassion, starting now.
  2. Begin to tune into your natural hunger and fullness cues. We’ve got a great resource for that here.
  3. Shift away from all-or-nothing thinking. Instead, move toward adopting a curious mindset, where you simply see how things feel and note what comes up, with as little judgment as possible.
  4. Pick activities and foods you love. Do them; enjoy them.
  5. Embrace the process. Change and healing doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve been living (and continue to live) in an environment that normalizes diet culture, a world that places your value on your weight and your looks. It takes some time to break those habitual thoughts, patterns, and systems that we’ve been surrounded by for so long, so keep at it, and know that you’re already making a huge difference for yourself and so many others.

Now, go ahead and give yourself a high-five for completing the 5-Day Fit Bottomed Reset. You. Did. IT!

And, if you’re ready to take your journey even further, check out our other free coaching programs here.

Again, congrats!!!

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