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Online Class: How to Amplify Your Willpower to Make Healthy Change

Ever wonder why some people can seem to eat healthy and work out regularly … almost effortlessly? Do these people have more willpower? Are they born that way? Are they special?

How the heck did they become healthy unicorns?!

We know how they did it. And it has to do with willpower — but not in the way you think.

In this 30-minute class (plus worksheet!), we show you exactly how willpower works (get ready to be surprised), so that you can harness it — and then use it to make empowered healthy change that feels good.

By the end of the course, you’ll have what it takes to become that healthy unicorn!

Willpower Class Intro

How to Amplify Your Willpower to Make Healthy Change Online Class

For free access to the Love Your Body Love Your Life class mentioned at the end, go to fitbottomedgirls.com/coaching.

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Mastered this like a boss? Way. To. Go! Move on to our longer and more in-depth masterclasses here.

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  1. I’m grateful for the video and advice. Yes, to keep healthy we need the daily routine with food and workout. Day by day we build our body and mind.

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