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Podcast Ep 129: Caroline Dooner, ‘The F*ck It Diet’

Our guest in this ep is comedian, author, and former chronic dieter Caroline Dooner. She studied at the the Upright Citizens Brigade theater, which will surely delight all our fellow comedy lovers!) Caroline spent much of her life obsessed with food and dieting, until one day, she said to herself,  “F*ck it. I’m officially DONE with dieting.”

Her book The F*ck It Diet: Eating Should Be Easy is all about her research on the diet industry and the effect it had on not only her body, but also her self esteem. And, of course, it’s loaded with truth and humor and the kind of insights you’d hope to get from a UCB alum.

One of our favorite quotes from this ep:

Podcast Ep 129 Highlights with Caroline Dooner

  • The epiphany that changed her approach — and her life
  • The hurtful, unspoken rule we all tend to believe
  • The science behind why diets don’t work and the toxic belief that thin = healthy
  • How her book came about, almost by accident
  • The biggest fear we have about giving up dieting and why it’s a trap
  • Her favorite mindfulness tool for beating dieting
  • The connection between a go-go drive lifestyle and dieting behavior
  • How to find a Health at Every Size health professional to work with
  • Plus, we share our own thoughts about and experiences with dieting.

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What diet belief have you said “f*ck it” to? —Margo

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