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Why Meditation Makes for the Perfect Cool Down

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If there’s one thing I want to do more of in 2020, it’s to meditate more.

But as a mom to three girls now, finding the time and quiet to do so is, well, not exactly the easiest. Not to mention that when I do actually get the chance to sit down and meditate, my mind is generally swirling with the 100 other things I “could” and even believe I “should” be doing. (Yes, I’m working on that.)

And I know for all of us (including the awesome non-moms in the house) that the finding-the-time struggle is real. Often times it can be hard to squeeze in a workout and shower — let alone quiet time to meditate. I also know that I’m not alone in what many call the “monkey mind” — when your brain just jumps from one to-do or random thought to another, even when you desperately want to relax.

But, ladies, I have a solution!

I’ve been using the ASICS Studio app for my workouts (which is awesome in and of itself), but they just launched in-app guided meditations that are AMAZING. And, with options like Deep Breaths and Catch Your Breath, they make for the perfect cool down addition.

Yes, cool down.

Meaning, you don’t need to add “meditate” to your to-do list — you just gotta work it in.

Here are five reasons why.

Why Meditation Makes for the Perfect Cool Down

1. Your brain is primed to meditate after you work out. You know how you can start a workout all stressed out or maybe even a bit bummed but by the end of it, once your endorphins are going and you feel pretty good? Well, all of those reasons mean that those moments after your workout are perfect for meditating. Usually (and this is definitely the case for me 99 percent of the time), when I’m doing my cool down, my brain is pretty calm and focused. So, sitting still for a few minutes to follow a guided meditation in ASICS Studio app is — dare I say it? — easy.

2. You end your workout on a calm and focused note. Instead of rushing off to do the next thing, taking the few minutes to meditate during your cool down gives you the added benefit of giving you a moment to pause, take some deep breaths, and thank yourself for taking the time for you. This can give you insight into how your body is feeling post-workout — and give you a chance to improve your relationship with your body by being thankful for all of the amazing things it can do.

3. No new habit! This is probably my personal favorite reason why meditation works in the cool down — you don’t need to carve out new time or make a new habit for it. You already have the habit of working out, so simply work it into your cool down and — boom! — you now regularly meditate. I’d been trying to meditate regularly for years, but it wasn’t until I put it in my cool down with the help of the ASICS Studio app that it actually became a reality.

4. They make cool downs more enjoyable. To be honest, I used to rush through my cool downs — and sometimes even skip them (even though I know I shouldn’t). But with the guided mediations on the ASICS Studio app, I really enjoy and look forward to them now. They’re a part of my workout that I don’t want to miss!

5. It can make your entire workout — and the rest of your day — more mindful. Just like the benefits of working out go far beyond the gym, the effects of meditating reach way beyond your cool down. After I’ve meditated, I find that I go about the rest of my day in a more mindful and conscious way. They’ve even made me more mindful of my movements while I’m working out!

I’d love for you guys to join me on my journey to peacefulness! Check out the ASICS Studio app here and let’s find zen in 2020 together! –Jenn

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  1. Rijhu says:

    Hey Jenn,

    Awesome post.

    Yes, Jenn, well-explained meditation is very important but finding the time and quiet to do so is not as easier as it seems, a number of other things are going in our mind when we try to meditate.

    Thanks for explaining the various reasons in such in-depth why meditation makes for the perfect cool down as it will be very useful and leads the rest of the day in a more mindful and conscious day. Thank you for sharing the ASICS Studio app as it will definitely going to help many of us.


  2. David Dack says:

    Meditation is the gateway to optimal physical and mental performance. Thank you for shedding more light on this

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