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How Each Day Feels When You’re a Parent Working from Home

It’s not an easy time for anyone right now. And if you’ve got kids at home and are trying to work, care for them, and help them with online learning? Welp, y’all, let us just say that you trying is enough. Even attempting to try is enough.


And you just might relate to these GIFs for each day of the week …

Monday: I can do this.


Tuesday: It’s hard, but, hey, all those memes say I can do hard things.


Wednesday: A little … okay, a LOT of screen time can’t hurt. Right?


Thursday: I’ve lost all control — of the house, the kids, my work.


Friday: Almost the weekend! Woohoo!


Saturday: Wait, everything is still the same?


Sunday: OMG, we have to do this all again tomorrow?


Eventually we’ll look back on this post and laugh, right? Gosh, I hope so! The struggle is so real. Stay safe, stay at home, and stay socially distanced, all. We can do this! –Jenn

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