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Stuff My 5-Year-Old Loves

Editor’s note: This post was written before the insanity and reality/tragedy of COVID-19 set in. Coincidentally, some of the items are awesome for home learning and independent play, so hopefully they’re extra useful to you and your family.

My daughter just turned five. And it’s still blowing my mind — despite the multiple birthday parties and kindergarten registration.

She’s FIVE.

And, like most 5-year-olds, she’s really curious, silly, and fun. She loves learning and playing. And while her Paw Patrol toys continue to be one of the things she plays with most, she’s also into gardening, helping us with chores around the house, drawing, and making her little sisters laugh with toot noises.

She also has some pretty strong opinions about what she likes … and what she doesn’t. And this stuff that we were sent to review and try? Well, it gets her 5-year-old stamp of approval!

Stuff My Five-Year-Old Loves

Play Smart Wipe-off Workbooks

Gwen’s been playing with this wipe-off workbook for more than a year now — and it’s awesome how it’s grown with her. With 60-plus puzzles, matching games, mazes, coloring pages, and more that you can do over and over again with an erasable marker, she’s gone from scribbling on pages to tracing numbers, letters, and shapes. Great for long car rides — and anytime you need an activity that’ll keep a little one busy and having fun!

Llama Naturals

I take a number of vitamins and supplements a day (hello, prenatal, probiotics, and omega-3s), and my daughter has definitely taken interest in that daily habit in the last few months. So much so that she has wanted her own! So, these plant-based Llama Naturals vitamins couldn’t have arrived at our house at a better time. I love that they’re made from 100 percent organic fruit (vegetarian and vegan-friendly) and contain all the nutrition needed for a day of play without added sugar or other additives. And she loves how they taste — little gummies in either strawberry or cherry flavor. She asks for them daily!

ooly Mermaid Magic 6-Click Multi Color Pens

Do you have as many fond childhood memories of multi-color pens as I do? Because I have a TON — from doodling in class to writing notes to pass to my friends in all the colors of the rainbow. And it seems I’ve passed that love down to my daughter because she loves these pens, too! They’re so much cooler than the plain ones I used to have as a little girl. These feature mermaids, cat-maids, narwhals, cupcakes, rainbows, and stars for one adorable ballpoint pen. Also great for car rides — its six colors to draw with in one pen. Still amazing.

People Toy Co.’s Working Cars

One of the toys we got for Gwen a couple years ago were Magna-Tiles — and they’re one of those toys that continue to be a hit year after year. Turns out, building with magnets is really fun! These Working Cars remind me of that; just more appropriate for the younger set, too. Designed for ages 18 months and up, these are still too advanced for the twins as of right now, but Gwen has loved playing with them — and I can see her little sisters liking them in a year, too. Easy to use, these magnetic building blocks let your kiddo be a car designer for the day with 18 automotive-inspired shapes to choose from. Offered in classic colors, we’ve built everything from a race car to a fire truck to some space-mobiles. And, yep, when you’re doing building them, you can race them.

Shore Buddies Stuffed Animal & Storybook Set

How adorable is this turtle? My whole family has fallen in love with it — it’s soft, it’s huggable, it grunts/sings like the sea turtle that it is, and it’s the main character of an illustrated children’s book that’s bringing awareness to just how much plastic is in our oceans. Shore Buddies and the Plastic Ocean is the story of five friends who are giving marine life a voice in fighting ocean plastic pollution and sharing how we can all help keep plastics out of the oceans. Each book comes with an adorable plush stuffed animal that’s made from recycled plastic water bottles, and $1 from every purchase helps to save marine life. You can choose from Emma the Whale, Finn the Dolphin, Sammy the Seal, Shelly the Sea Turtle (above!), or Stephen Seagull. It’s certainly raised our family’s awareness of plastic — Gwen has been quite the lover of stainless steel straws because of it.

Flying Squirrel

I mentioned this in my post about the Zipadee-Zip and other baby stuff I love, but Gwen is such a fan of these one-piece PJs. They’re cozy, comfy, fun, and really do make kiddos look like a flying squirrel (which is adorable). They keep her warm every night (like a blanket that you can’t kick off), and it’s one of those pieces of clothing that we keep buying a size up in as she grows.

What stuff can your 5-year-old not get enough of? –Jenn

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