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How to Build Hair Confidence in Your Kids

We all know kids are little sponges. They just absorb everything that’s around them — from our words to our actions to how we talk about and treat others.

(Confession: I remember the first time my daughter cussed when she couldn’t get a snack out of the package, and I was like — whoops — I need to watch my language there!)

And, most of the time, here on Fit Bottomed Girls, we share a lot of tips on how to improve your relationship with your body, your workouts, and your food, so that your kids naturally have a positive, intuitive, and anti-diet approach to a healthy life, too. (See how to here.)

But, did you ever think about how you talk about your hair (and how you comment on other’s hair) can affect your kids, too?

Yep, hair confidence and hair acceptance is a real thing — and many of us are lacking in it.

To help with this, we got tips from the incredible Adrienne Leak. As an ethnic hair specialist and parenting expert, she believes that hair can thrive in whatever style as long as it is healthy. Adrienne has been reviving clients’ hair while serving up trendy styles for more than 20 years in Atlanta. In fact, her proficiency in natural hair care landed her a spot in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s article on African-American women and their decision to wear their natural hair. She also serves as a brand educator for Just For Me.

Read on for her best tips on how to make sure children have confidence in whatever shape, form, or texture their hair comes in — along with a few product recommendations.

How to Build Hair Confidence in Your Kids

By Adrienne Leak

1. Use positive language when describing their hair.

Kids so often take their cues from mom, so if you praise the beauty of their hair type and texture, they’re sure to follow suit! Use Just for Me Curl Peace products to demonstrate how easy it can be to care for natural hair.

2. Keep their hair healthy with regular maintenance.

Healthy hair is good hair! Regular wash days, protective styles that don’t tug on the scalp, and moisture maintenance are key in healthy hair care. For most people tangles are the biggest barrier to this. Make Just for Me Curl Peace Pre-Shampoo Detangler a staple in your wash day routine, and you’ll see the difference immediately. Try Just for Me Curl Peace 5-in-1 Wonder Spray as a curl refreshing leave-in detangler on or in between wash days for hydrated, detangled curls.

3. Allow them to participate in choosing styles and accessories.

Kids will feel good about their hair if they love their styles! Try the Nourishing and Defining Slime Styler from Just for Me Curl Peace to create awesome braids, braid outs, rod sets, and more.


A huge thank you to Adrienne for these tips and this post! To see more of Adrienne’s work, be sure to check out her website and follow her on Instagram!


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  1. Absolutely amazing work. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiration.

  2. We all know kids are little sponges. They just absorb everything that’s around them — from our words to our actions to how we talk about and treat others.

  3. To help my children I moddle the behavior I want to see in them. I stay away from put downs and negative frases. I focus on positive. “ok the food is on the floor what should we do?” “I see that your mad, why?” how does that make you feel?” what if it was done to you, how would it make you feel?”. I try to guide them to the answer so they have the joy of discovery. if it’s a bigger problem like hitting or lieing I try to discover why they felt the need to lie by asking them about it. then ask them for a more positive way to get what they want…manners.

  4. We as a whole realize kids are little wipes. They simply assimilate all that is around them — from our words to our activities to how we talk about and treat others. My friend sushant gupta defsys is hair consultant he say to me Keep your child hair healthy with regular maintenance.

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