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13 Ways to Move More As a Family

You guys know how fabulous (and mind-blowing) Katy Bowman and her work is right? (If not, this conversation with her is a great primer!)

As a best-selling author, speaker, and a leader of the Movement movement, biomechanist Katy Bowman is changing the way we move and think about our need for movement. Her eight books, including the groundbreaking Move Your DNA, have been translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide.

Basically, she’s a movement badass.

And, with a new book — Grow Wild: The Whole-Child, Whole-Family, Nature-Rich Guide to Moving More — on the way later this spring (more on that in a bit — plus a giveaway opp!), she’s turning her attention to how we can all make small adjustments to our environments (houses, clothing, classrooms, even celebrations) for more movement.

After a year of online learning and screens for gatherings, gosh knows, we can all agree that we could use a little more time outside moving!

Definitely pre-order her book now for more (you’ll get all kinds of goodies like a printable checklist, a ticket to her live online book launch party and Q&A, and a chance to win a one-on-one consult with Katy if you preorder this month), and read on for her 13 fun and unique ideas on how to get moving with your fambam. Read to the end to be entered to win a copy of her new book, too!

13 Ways to Move More As a Family

By Katy Bowman

  1. Take a “tree walk” and work with your kids to identify trees in your area, including ones you can visit for future food moves.
  2. Create a list of local farms – use internet, friends, farmers’ market contacts. Take a family walk to the closest (park partway as needed); inquire about U-picks or other opportunities for food moves.
  3. Make lemonade or orange juice! Buy or pick citrus and squeeze it by hand to make fresh juice.
  4. Shake-shake-shake a jar of cream to make butter; you can even do it outside!
  5. Take a “bouquet-making walk” or for a nature arrangement.
  6. Evaluate three kid-outfits for movement. Can kids squat, bend at the waist, raise their arms overhead comfortably?
  7. Hang up an “Eye Stretch!” sign in one window to encourage distance-looking and a dose of natural light. Save it here.
  8. Rearrange the furniture in at least one room to allow for more movement in your home.
  9. Five-minute dance party! Have kids pick a few songs and try to dance non-stop.
  10. Find the nearest climbing tree and practice climbing it.
  11. Wake up super early for a family sunrise walk (bring a portable breakfast along!).
  12. Take a family hike and invite a couple of extra kids to come with you.
  13. Set up a nature game, like hoops and spears — where you throw long sticks or poles through hula hoops.

Grow Wild Book Giveaway

We are so thrilled to be giving away a copy of Katy’s new book! Enter below or click here.

A huge thanks to Katy Bowman for the tips and the giveaway! And, tell us: what will you do to move more with your family today? Gwen has been begging me to make lemonade from scratch, so this seems like a sign to do it! —Jenn

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  2. Combining movement and nature…one of my favorites things! My children have all left the nest, but I’ve spread the word on social media.

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      Love it. Thank you! 🙂

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    Great post! Getting our bodies moving again is important during this time but it’s also important for our whole lives. Movement is so important, and it doesn’t happen as often as we think it does. We move our bodies from one place to the next, but we rarely do activities centered around movement and lubricating our joints. We’re often just stuck. Having activities that get you and your family’s bodies going, and together, will give you a double dose of happiness – healthy movement and quality time with your loved ones. Thank you for starting this conversation (and for the activity ideas!).

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