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Fit Bottomed Challenge

For years now, we FBGs have been dreaming of a way to work even more Fit Bottomedness into your life. We have always wanted to not just do posts and share tips and experiences, but to also really motivate you guys each and every day to be fitter, healthier and happier — without losing your damn mind or having it feel like a chore. This pursuit has lead us to do some live events, online classes and even a book, but we’re taking things to the next level. Who’s up for an — ahem — challenge? Not just for the day or the week but for all month long?!

Say hello to this month’s Fit Bottomed Challenge! And go ahead and click on it to see it up close and personal …



There are tons of challenges and workout schedules and calendars out there, but we wanted ours to be one that didn’t just get results but that made you feel good and have fun. Something that actually pushed you out of your comfort zone while also allowing you to celebrate and love who you are, exactly as you are. So, with that all in mind, you’ll see the themes for each day of the week focus on a mix of fitness, good eats, positive image and just plain ol’ fun. And it’s free!

How to Do the Fit Bottomed Challenge

So how does it work you ask? Well, it’s pretty darn simple. First, click on the calendar above (or here) and save and/or print the PDF calendar. Then, each day you’ll want to do the activity listed on that day of the month. Some of them will be pretty straight forward. Others of them you’ll need a little more info from us, so you’ll want to bookmark this link. Each Monday we’ll put up a new blog post with everything you need for the week (workout, recipe, video, etc.). So you just have to read that/refer to it and you’re off to being more Fit Bottomed!

Why You Should Do the Fit Bottomed Challenge

Besides it being fun, you trying new things, building your confidence and getting amazing results, you can also win free stuff! That’s right, when you share on social media that you’re doing the Fit Bottomed Challenge and/or how it’s going with #FBGChallenge and tagging us (@FitBottomedGirl most places!), you have a chance to win everything from books to workout DVDs to apparel to other cool fit gear. We’ll be doing random giveaways all month long!

We can’t wait to see your results! —The FBGs