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Happy Hunger, Swimming Pool Spots and Reality Results

A grumble in the tummy may make you happy, a new site helps find your next swimming hole, and two Biggest Losers come clean about their long-term results.

Happy Grumblings

According to recent research studying the effects of ghrelin, the so-called hunger hormone, researchers now believe that hunger may actually make you happy, or at least more alert. Hmpf. That’s one I’ve never experienced. They believe the added alertness was beneficial back in caveman times where it was better to have the energy and quickness to find food instead of become food.

Although the study was done on mice, not people, the researchers hypothesize that the good-feeling from hunger could be addictive, and may explain why some anorexics have so much trouble recovering. No word on how the research will be used, but I’m sure more studies will be done. Until then, I’ll continue eating at regular intervals—that seems to keep me pretty happy.swimming

Catch a Wave

Although most of my summer swimming pool time is spent drinking cocktails and silently rating men’s fit bottoms, I have been thinking of adding more non-casual swim time (read: doggie paddling) to my workouts. Swimming is an awesome low-impact workout, perfect for beginners and seasoned exercisers alike. However, finding a pool—especially an indoor one—isn’t always easy. Well, at least that’s been my excuse. And, using Club Swim’s pool finder, it’s an excuse I no longer have. Turns out there are 20 pools within a five-mile radius of my house, 12 of which are indoor. Damn.

Check out Club Swim’s website below to find the closest pool to you, along with swim lesson listings.

Jump right in. The water’s fine.

Reality Confessions

Millions of people, including the Fit Bottomed Girls, have been inspired by the insane success of contestants on the reality TV show The Biggest Loser. However, the question always remains, can they keep it off after the show? Well, in a recent article by The American Council on Exercise, former contestants and newlyweds (awww) Marty and Amy (formerly Hildreth) Wolff come clean on how hard it is to keep the weight off.

Since the show’s finale (pictured above), Amy has gained 41 pounds back and Marty has gained 31 pounds. This is despite the fact that the two are now ACE-certified personal trainers and run their own fitness-consulting business. I had the pleasure of talking to Marty a few months ago, and he was more than nice and honest about how hard it is to stay at his goal weight. Maybe NBC should consider airing a Biggest Maintainers show…




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