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Media Mentions

Since FBG’s inception, other bloggers, publications, fitness professionals and brands have taken note of the Fit Bottomed Girls’ unique and humorous take on fitness. Read on for a few of the comments that made them blush. (And, be sure to check out our book reviews and coverage here!)

The Chatter


“Through their various media tools, these women are talking about lifestyle changes and having meaningful conversations with many others. As a Fit Bottomed Girl, they embrace the thought process that diets don’t work and to be healthy they must have a deeper and more emotional journey on their path to good health. The goal is to move away from an empty search for an unattainable number, love their own bodies and be the best version of what they can be.” —HerLife Magazine, January 2015

Achieving beauty through an active lifestyle and sensible eating habits, complete with workout routines and healthy recipes.” —Marie Claire, July 2014

“This U.S. blog is the place to find new fitness trends across the pond that will be heading here soon. There are also product reviews and how-to videos, such as how to wash your sports gear — who knew it was such a fine art?” —Top Santé, January 2014

“No offense to Beyoncé, but when it comes to living healthfully, we’re taking our advice from the Fit Bottomed Girls!” —FabFitFun, November 2013


“Fit Bottomed Girls is somewhat like an online fitness magazine! They have so many features and the blog isn’t a solo day by day post like many out there. Instead, the front page is full of tons of topics ranging in a variety of health and fitness topics. I love their recipes, product reviews and workouts.” —All Women Stalk, July 2013

“@FitBottomedGirl I follow you because my goal is literally to be a #fitbottomedgirl 😉 baby steps post baby! Thx 4 your help!” —Kerri Walsh Jennings

“The ladies behind the fitness site, Fit Bottomed Girls, tweet about the latest and greatest in healthy eating, exercise and health trends—always with comedic flair.” —Time

“@FitBottomedGirl Just a note to say that you guys are awesome. Take it from a LOSER like me. 😉 BG-BL4” —Bill Germanakos, @BiggestLoser4BG

“Fit Bottomed Girls is a great blog that has been around for quite some time now. Any ladies looking to get fit in 2013 needs to become a regular reader of FBG. Even for guys like myself, you’ll easily find entertainment and useful info from the site as well. The score below shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who has read their blog. ★★★” —Blog About Blogs, Blog Review: Fit Bottomed Girls, January 2013

“Along with bits of news and current trends from the fitness industry, the blogging team—Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead—have provided reviews of fitness equipment, shoes, and workouts since 2008. Additionally, they give us useful tests— how do I find the right bra, tips—how to compile the perfect workout playlist, how to improve your daily nutrition and how to make your training more effective. Blog readers can ask questions and get an answer the next day.” —Shape magazine, German edition, October 2012

“When it comes to fitness, the eight-woman blogger team of Fit Bottomed Girls covers just about everything. Their posts with stories of fitness achievements will inspire you to become the strongest and healthiest version of yourself. And product reviews for exercise DVDs and equipment (anyone else have trouble finding ear buds that fit “freakishly small ears” like Fit Bottomed Girl Erin?) are sure to help you achieve the best workout possible…” —Her Campus, The 7 Best Fitness Blogs to Follow, July 2012


“The site launched in 2008, and today offers daily posts on not only how to be fit, but also healthy and happy. The site also espouses balance. As they will be quick to point out, good food and good activity are very important components to a healthy lifestyle. But they also believe that humor and energy are also crucial to achieving well being.” —PR Newswire, Blogs We Love 2012, June 2012

“These ladies keep it fit, healthy, and female-focused, sharing their blog’s content on healthy eating, fitness news, and product reviews (mixed with tidbits of hilarious personal experiences). These girls are NEVER afraid to tell it like it is. —Greatist’s “60 Must-Follow Health and Fitness Twitter Accounts for 2012,” May 2012

“Keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk. Two women post food and DVD reviews, health TV show recaps, workout tips, recipes, etc.” nomination for Fitness magazine’s “Best Healthy Living Blog 2012 Fitterati Awards,” March 2012

“The ladies at fit bottomed girls try new workouts (“Pilates on crack,” anyone?) and fitness DVDs so you don’t have to. Their reviews are organized by workout type, including everything from yoga to CrossFit and they’ve even launched a mom-specific site to help new mothers revamp their fitness regimens.” Huffington Post’s “Best of the Blogosphere,” January 2012

“Erin and Jenn of Fit Bottomed Girls aim to help you keep a lid on the ‘junk in the trunk,’ while remembering that ‘fit bottomed girls’ come in all shapes and sizes! Their tips, tricks and advice makes working out fun, not painful!” Shape magazine’s “Best Blogger Awards: The Top 20 Blogs for Fitness Junkies,” October 2011

“Fit Bottomed Girls.com: It has a bunch of chicks on there that essentially support one another, and share tips and information they cover, and write articles and blog. Great site. —Jillian Michaels, The Jillian Michaels Show: Fitness and All About Milk” podcast, July 22, 2011

“They had us at hello with their tagline “Keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk.” The BFF bloggers dish out exercise advice and gear reviews and comment on newsworthy fitness happenings from a consistently refreshing perspective.” —Self magazine, September 2010

self magazine

“A very honest and clever online community for fit gals.” —Oxygen magazine, February 2009

“Fitness should be fun! Fit Bottomed Girls Erin and Jenn make fitness enjoyable as they blog about their adventures in staying fit.” —FitnessMagazine.com

“This blog is so well presented, you might think it belongs to a large health magazine or television network.” The Vancouver Sun

“I’ve searched around lots of fitness blogs online and yours is one that really stood out.” —Media coordinator for Gaiam

“Also, are you reading Fit Bottomed Girls? You should be. Reading their blog is like talking to your fun and super-fit friend — relaxed, inspiring, funny.” —a blogger

Featuring the Fit Bottomed Girls

trident adOn occasion, the Fit Bottomed Girls get the opportunity to contribute or be interviewed by well-respected magazines, podcasts, blogs and sites. Here are a few of those instances!

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Health blogging tips. —Creating a Better Health Blog ebook

Is the word “fat” politically incorrect? —Marie Claire

FBG featured on Kansas City television. —KCTV-5

Fitting in: Former Lawrence residents start popular fitness site Fitbottomedgirls.com —go! by the Lawrence Journal-World

Blogger aims to help women shed extra pounds. (Oh, and they totally use our Queen song!)Fox 4 News Kansas City

Ten beginner fitness DVDs to jump start the New Year. The Independent

Fit Bottomed Mama Erin makes her radio debut! —Mind Over Matter, Talking Alternative Radio

Fit bloggers we love: Fit Bottomed Girls. —Fitness magazine

How to stay fit on the road. —Inc. magazine

Healthy snacks for the big game. —Smart Shopper

Bloggers reveal: what’s on my workout playlist. —Shape magazine

Fit Bottomed Girls Tell Us How to Lose Belly Fat—Without Dieting. —Blisstree

Celebrity workout DVDs: Why people crave fitness advice from the stars.  —SouthSource

5 ways to sneak exercise into your daily routine. —Next Avenue, PBS

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7 Ways to Make Running More Fun. —Shape magazine

Skin Care in the Summer Time. —Fox 4 Kansas City

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Trainers Reveal: Motivational Mantras That Get Results. —Shape magazine

Video: A Water Aerobics How-To. —U.S. News & World Report

Why I Only Weigh Myself Once a Week (If That). —HuffPost Healthy Living

8 Top Mud Run Tips From First-Timers. —spry

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26 Fitness Experts Share Their 3 Best Weight Loss Tips. —Coach Calorie

Bottoms Up! —435 Magazine

5 Tips to Find Your New Favorite Workout for 2014. —FabFitFun

Three Annoying Questions…For Jennipher from Fit Bottomed Girls. —Cranky Fitness

Health & Fitness Experts Tell All: How to Avoid Gaining the Vacation Pounds. —The FlipKep Blog

13 Quick Weight-Loss Tips That Nutrition Pros Swear By. —Reader’s Digest

How This Fit Bottomed Girl Started Her Incredible Series of Websites. —Girls Gone Sporty, High Impact Blogging Podcast, Episode 2, March 2014

Episode 133 Jennipher Walters. —Real Talk Real Women

Nutritionists Pick These 5 Pinterest Boards for Your Diet ‘Inspiration.’ —TODAY Health

A Fit Bottomed Girl Offers Tips on Staying Motivated —Wellocracy

Didn’t Get What You Want? How to See the Good in 10 Minutes. —HuffPost Healthy Living

Guest Post: Energize! 4 Simple Tricks to Get Pumped for a Run. —Brooks Blog

Be Mindful – With Chocolate! —Tastebook Blog

How to Stick With Your Workouts: Tips from Consistent Exercisers. —Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Why Self-Love Has Everything to Do With Losing Weight. —Mastery

5 Fitness Bloggers That Will Get You Bikini Body Ready. —FabFitFun

Fit and Sexy for Life with Kathy Kaehler. —LA Talk Radio, Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Anti-Diet with the Fit Bottomed Girls. —Naturally Savvy Radio Show

{Episode 14} Finding the Road to Your Personal Fitness with Jennipher Walters. —Pura Chica Natural

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12/5/15 Episode. —Everyday Cooking with Kristie Greenwood

New Year’s Resolution Injuries at Your Gym? Try General Liability Insurance. —insureon

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Baby Squats! Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager Enlist Their Daughters for Adorable Fitness Segment. —People

Not Sure How to Start Losing Weight? 34 Health & Fitness Experts Share Their Secrets. —Make Your Body Work

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7 Fit Bottomed Ways to Make the Most of Your Yoga Class. —Bad Yogi

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Fit Bottoms Come in All Shapes and Sizes: An Interview with Jennipher Walters. —BookYogaRetreats.com

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Awards & Lists

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