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Hosted and produced by Margo Donohue alongside FBGs Jenn and Kristen, the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast not only helps you keep a lid on the junk in the trunk, but it also helps inspire you to live a happy, healthier life full of confidence. In each episode we FBGs share (sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching) personal experiences and tips, plus we chat with the best experts in body image, food, health, nutrition, meditation, fitness and more. We’re talking people like Bob Harper, Ayesha Curry and Mary Lou Retton! If you have been looking for a podcast that will make you laugh as you learn more about yourself — well then welcome to the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast!

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Ep 135: Dr. Michael Roizen on What to Eat When

Ep 134: Erica Ziel, The Core Expert

Ep 133: The Pollan Family on ‘Mostly Plants’

Ep 132: Sarah Knight “Calm the F*ck Down”

Ep 131: Kathleen Trotter, ‘Your Future Fittest Self’

Ep 130: Geneen Roth, ‘This Messy Magnificent Life’

Ep 129: Caroline Dooner, ‘The F*ck It Diet’

Ep 128: Laura Gassner Otting, ‘Limitless’

Ep 127: Bernadette Pleasant of Femme!

Ep 126: Bee Bosnak, Yoga and Meditation Expert

Ep 125: Radha Agrawal, CEO of Daybreaker

Ep 124: Amy Stanton and Catherine Connors of The Feminine Revolution

Ep 123: Stylist Elysha Lenkin

Ep 122: Sara Yamtich, Entrepreneur

Ep 121: Catherine Blyth, Time Management Expert

Ep 120: Morit Summers

Ep 119: Vanessa Lianne, Jewelry Designer and Entrepreneur

Ep 118: Sahar Aker of #IChooseBeauty

Ep 117: CrossFit Coach Ben Bergeron

Ep 116: Fitness Expert Holly Perkins

Ep 115: Rob Dionne of Open Sky Fitness

Ep 114: Yoga Expert Kathryn Budig

Ep 113: Dr. Stephanie Gray, Your Longevity Blueprint

Ep 112: Jazzercise’s Shanna Missett Nelson

Ep 111: Nealy Fischer, The Flexible Chef

Ep 110: Entrepreneur and Natural Beauty Expert Cheryl Mitchell

Ep 109: Stefani Ruper of Coconuts & Kettlebells

Ep 108: FBG Roundtable on How Gyms Can Change for the Better

Ep 107: Candace Burch of Your Hormone Balance

Ep 106: Tee Major of “Urban Calisthenics”

Ep 105: Bev Sanders of Las Olas Surf Camp

Ep 104: Patricia Moreno of IntenSati, Part 2

Ep 103: Patricia Moreno of IntenSati, Part 1

Ep 102: Nutritionist Ellie Krieger

Ep 101: Jax Mariash

Ep 100: The FBGs Celebrate 100 Episodes!

Ep 99: Certified Life Coach Shirin Eskandani

Ep 98: Kelly DiNardo & Amy Pearce-Hayden of “Living the Sutras”

Ep 97: Dr. Bradley Nelson of The Emotion Code

Ep 96: Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness

Ep 95: Laura Jackson and Amanda Quinn, The Fit Chicks

Ep 94: Amy Medling “PCOS Diva”

Ep 93: Hannah Williams of ‘Mom in Progress’

Ep 92: Triathlete and Author Susan Lacke

Ep 91: Florida State Rep. Margaret Good

Ep 90: Artist Austine Wood Comarow

Ep 89: Travel Expert JetSetSarah

Ep 88: Feminist, Photographer & Entrepreneur Kyle Hepp

Ep 87: Siri Daly

Ep 86: Scott and Jenny Jurek

Ep 85: Nutrition Expert Whitney E. RD (Part 2)

Ep 84: Heidi Schauster, RD, on Eating Disorders and Nutrition

Ep 83: Erin Loechner

Ep 82: 60 Questions With the Fit Bottomed Girls

Ep 81: Veterinarian Dr. Sarah Boston

Ep 80: Nutrition Expert Whitney E. RD (Part 1)

Ep 79: Nutrition Expert Dr. Joel Furhman

Ep 78: RAD Experience Fitness Expert Robbie Ann Darby

Ep 77: Glutes, Glutes and More Glutes with Courtney Wyckoff of Momma Strong

Ep 76: Olympian Silken Laumann

Ep 75: The Sleep Doctor, Dr. Michael Breus

Ep 74: Instagram Fitness Star Sia Cooper

Ep 73: Fitness and Plant-Based Eating Expert Audrey Dunham

Ep 72: Sarah James Co-Host of the Selfie Podcast

Ep 71: Sports Psychology Expert Amy Baltzell

Ep 70: Meditation Expert Light Watkins

Ep 69: Replay of Our Olympic-Sized Interview With Mary Lou Retton!

Ep 68: Adam Bannon of Fit Couple Cooks

Ep 67: Nike Trainer Alex Silver-Fagan

Ep 66: The Dirty Vegan, Catherine Gill

Ep 65: Badass Actress Malin Akerman

Ep 64: Bob Harper

Ep 63: Caleb Marshall, The Fitness Marshall

Ep 62: Dave Smith Debunks Weight-Loss Myths

Ep 61: YouTube Star Millionaire Hoy

Ep 60: Relationship Expert Terri Cole

Ep 59: Craft Beer & Food Expert Lori Rice

Ep 58: Making Positive Social Change With Andréa Ranae

Ep 57: Dr. Stu Farrimond and the Science of Cooking

Ep 56: Dr. Axe on Natural Health

Ep 55: Talking Energy With Deana Welch

Ep 54: Ruari Fairbairns of One Year No Beer

Ep 53: Danielle LaPorte, Part 2

Ep 52: Danielle LaPorte, Part 1

Ep 51: Travis Brorsen of My Big Fat Pet Makeover

Ep 50: Liz Vaccariello, Editor-In-Chief Parents Magazine

Ep 49: Akbar Gbajabiamila, American Ninja Warrior Host

Ep 48: Rebekah “BexLife” Borucki Replay!

Ep 47: Duathlete Kristen Hetzel

Ep 46: 1-Year Anniversary Ask the FBGs Edition

Ep 45: Alison Feller of “Ali on the Run”

Ep 44: Devyn Sisson

Ep 43: Cat Lincoln, CEO of Clever

Ep 42: Lindsay Miller of PopSugar

Ep 41: Jaret Grossman of Muscle Prodigy

Ep 40: Canadian Powerhouse Rona Ambrose

Ep 39: Tina Haupert and Kerrie Gotell of Designed to Fit Nutrition

Ep 38: Toni Carey of Black Girls Run

Ep 37: Greatist’s Derek Flanzraich

Ep 36: Pre- and Post-Pregnancy Expert Sara Haley

Ep 35: Meredith Atwood of Swim Bike Mom

Ep 34: Greg McQuaid

Ep 33: Sierra Quitiquit

Ep 32: Yoga Expert Sage Routree

Ep 31: Mary Lou Retton

Ep 30: Body-Positive Advocate Jessamyn Stanley

Ep 29: Movement Expert Katy Bowman

Ep 28: Dave Smith and the 411 on Intermittent Fasting

Ep 27: Pet Expert Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

Ep 26: Francheska Medina of HeyFranHey

Ep 25: Chalene Johnson

Ep 24: Ayesha Curry

Ep 23: Lesley Alderman

Ep 22: Kate Beirness

Ep 21: Autumn Calabrese

Ep 20: Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo

Ep 19: Molly Sims

Ep 18: Cassey Ho of Blogilates

Ep 17: Jillian Michaels

Ep 16: Weight-Loss Secrets With Dave Smith

Ep 15: Jeanette Jenkins

Ep 14: Meb Keflezighi

Ep 13: Kristen Chase of Cool Mom Picks

Ep 12: Bev Weidner of Bev Cooks

Ep 11: Kathy Smith

Ep 10: Jessie Sebor, Editor in Chief of Women’s Running

Ep 9: Tony Horton

Ep 8: Annie Tomlin, Beauty Director of SELF magazine

Ep 7: Kelsey Miller, Refinery 29

Ep 6: Yogi Kristin McGee

Ep 5: Bob Harper

Ep 4: Dietitian  Frances Largeman-Roth

Ep 3: Elizabeth Goodman Artis, Editor-in-Chief, Shape magazine

Ep 2: Olympian April Ross

Ep 1: Rebekah “Bex” Borucki

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