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Podcast Ep 90: Artist Austine Wood Comarow

Artist, cyclist, runner and TRX-badass, Austine Wood Comarow (who will turn 76 this year!) is a ball of energy who knows how to live life to the fullest. We were lucky enough to catch up with her and get her take on how to stay healthy and make your whole life more fulfilling. (One key takeaway: Never stop learning new things.)

Austine began her fitness journey in the 1990s after taking part in a study on exercise and aging with University of Las Vegas professor Dr. Lawrence Golding. From there, she picked up running, and to stay motivated, she decided to make an art project out of her daily runs. Austine would grab a smooth stone, write the date — plus how far she had run — on them, and then keep them in a pickle jar. (Did we mention how cool and creative she is?)

Of course, as an artist, Austine has a multitude of creations and projects under her belt. She’s best known for her work using polarizing filters and clear cellulose to break white light into its pure component of colors, which is a medium she invented and calls Polage. She’s also an accomplished painter, and has recently embraced a daily sketching challenge, where she plays with different mediums, including digital, and draws something around a theme each day. One of those drawings was of Wonder Woman, and we just had to share it — and her take on the iconic superhero.

Credit: Austine

“I tried to render Wonder Woman as one of my small headed figures with monumental body. I have developed that figure style over the years because I think we all put way too much emphasis on our intellect, neglecting our gut feelings, and shear physicality of our being.” —Austine

When she and her husband are not planning cycling trips in Italy, Austine likes to think of new challenges to test her strength and endurance. Really, y’all, this woman has found the fountain of youth!

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from Austine …

Podcast Episode 90 Highlights With Austine Wood Comarow

  • Her childhood in post-World War II Europe and how learning cross-stitch in Germany piqued her interest in the arts
  • The three major parts of her healthy lifestyle
  • Her creative process and how it has changed over time
  • Why working with a trainer changed her relationship with fitness for the better
  • The vacations that are on her personal bucket list
  • How she keeps her outlook on life young and vibrant
  • Why she created a style of art that was focused on immediate gut reaction rather than intellect
  • How her views on humanity impact her art
  • Her Wonder Woman drawing and caption
  • Plus, we FBGs talk about the advice we would give our younger selves

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What is the best advice you would give your younger self? —Margo

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  1. Lynne says:

    You are still an amazing woman. We (Frank and I) met you in your California Studio and bought “The Lake of ALL Seasons” 1998. Still on display in our home. Now you are in Nevada, which means a road trip for us from Arizona. We want to visit your studio, and possibly you may or may not be there. Love what you are doing for yourself with your life, great choice. Live long, healthy and happy.

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