Podcast Episode 1: BexLife’s Surprising Advice on How to Be Happier and Bust Out of a Funk

bust out of a funk

The time has come! Our first official podcast episode is live and ready to make your ear holes healthier — and happier. And, guys we are so excited about it. Because we got to chat with Rebekah Borucki of BexLife and meditation guide, author, speaker, TV host … um, GURU! She’s a real girl with some real world advice we could all use right now. From how to bust out of a funk to how to really find the time to meditate, these are not the tips you’ve heard 4,000 times before. This is the work-for-ya-in-real-life info you not just want, but need. (We know we found it refreshing and inspiring!)

Here are more awesome tidbits you’ll get in our first episode of the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast …

Podcast Episode 1 Highlights With BexLife:

  • Tips for finding time to meditate when life seems to get in our way
  • How she manages to be a mother of five and a business owner without losing her mind
  • Trying to stay hopeful in a world that can seem chaotic at times
  • Her upcoming book, You Have Four Minutes to Change Your Life
  • Bex’s 21-Day Mantra Challenges
  • Tips for getting out of a personal funk (it’s not what you think!)
  • We also chat about some of our fave stuff on the site that we’re working on and why

And, a Few of Our Fave Bex Quotes …




Basically, you need to listen to this Q&A right now. And then, you know, subscribe! Here are seven reasons you should, like now.

Life-changing, right? Her advice about how to bust out of a funk is like a personal mantra to me now. —Jenn


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