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Podcast Episode 36: Pre- and Post-Pregnancy Workout Expert Sara Haley

Whoa, baby! Ready to bust some pre- and post-pregnancy fitness myths? Then get ready to learn a WHOLE LOT from fitness expert Sara Haley because we get down into the nitty gritty details about all things pregnancy when trying to exercise, plus how to properly recover after giving birth. (Seriously — get ready to have your mind blown with this information!)

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Some of our favorite quotes from Sara Haley in this ep:

Podcast Episode 27 Highlights With Sara Haley

  • Why pregnant women should never do crunches
  • The most important modifications for pre- and post-natal workouts
  • How social media can be intimidating to women who want to work out safely but see CrossFit and uber yogi moms on Instagram
  • Why you should protect your pelvic floor as it most likely will weaken after baby
  • Why you should ask your mother how her pregnancies tended to go
  • The definition of “diastasis recti” and how it affects your stomach post-pregnancy
  • The number of kegels you should really do each day
  • The importance of changing your workout bra when nursing
  • Asking your doctor the right questions about recovery
  • Her definition of the “fourth trimester”

Also in this episode, Jenn, Kristen and I discuss the pressures women put on themselves to achieve the same body before and after pregnancy. (Hey, mamas: love yourselves!)

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So tell us, what are YOUR biggest questions about prenatal and postnatal fitness? Let us know in the comments below! —Margo

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