Have You Embraced High-Tech Workouts?

Earlier this week, Jenn reviewed Exercise TV’s workout downloads. While I haven’t tried them yet, I think they would be super convenient when traveling. Plus, they’re cheap! In the age of accessible technology, how tech-savvy are your workouts?

  • No, unless you count tennis shoes as high tech.
  • A little. I run with music and am not opposed to workout technology, but I’m no Judy Jetson.
  • You name it, I hug it. Heart rate monitors, iPods, GPS systems, downloads and computerized shoes.


More opinions to share? Tell us your fave workout brand or what you think about sneaking nutrition into food.

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  1. Every Gym's Nightmare says:

    yeah- no. i dont. Im kind of technologically illiterate. and strapped for time.

    Kelly Turner

  2. Him, Me, Them & Our Money says:

    I have a heart rate monitor . . . and I enthusiastically use the WiiFit. I can’t believe that wasn’t mentioned. I’ve lost 55 lbs so far (of course, not doing JUST that, but it got me started AND tracks my progress)

  3. Benjamin says:

    Though I am not a “Fit Bottomed Girl,” I really enjoy reading your blog…

    Me, I am all wired up, but I have a gym in the basement, so I am not dragging all of that stuff around.

    My list:
    Wii Fit
    Dance Dance Revolution (yes, I count that)
    Heart Rate Monitor
    Stopwatch for Jumping Rope
    TV for riding the elliptical (does that count?)

    I really want to get the Nike shoes that speed up the music to match your pace, its on my Christmas list.

    Keep up the great blog, I will be visiting often!

  4. Fit Bottomed Girls says:

    Him, Me, etc: A Wii Fit review is on the way in the new year…

    Benjamin: Fit Bottomed Boys are more than welcome…and Dance Dance definitely counts. I’m jealous of your setup!

  5. Merry says:

    Total Luddite … or at least I would be if the iPod weren’t so darn handy 🙂

  6. Not Jillian Michaels says:

    I listen to music when I workout, but I don’t need any fancy technology to workout.

    I get in and get out, ramp up the intensity and then I am done in less than 30 minutes! Get my cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, coordination, accuracy, power, balance and speed in one workout 🙂