What Do You Do With Your Keys?

Earlier this week, Erin and I shared two fun and somewhat innovative ways to store your keys while you’re out for a jog around the block or park. But, we’re dying to know what our sassy and oh-so-smart readers do when they’re working out. —Jenn

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  1. If I’m wearing a coat in my coat pocket if not I leave it hidden on the porch and hope nobody robs me by the time I get home.

  2. I wish everything I owned had pockets! So funny how such a little thing like what to do with keys becomes a big deal when you’re trying to exercise!

  3. Usually, the key thing isnt a problem! I either work out at home when the fiance is home, so I can leave the door unlocked when I go out, or I walk at work.

  4. I second the shoe lace solution. At first I was worried it’d make my foot hurt, but I can’t even tell it’s there.

  5. I have an arm band that is meant for my IPOD, but I can also cram keys and a cell phone in there as well.

  6. Sometimes I thread the key onto my shoelaces, or sometimes I’ll make a necklace out of a spare shoelace with the key as the pendant. I only do the necklace one if it’s a little chilly and I’m wearing a jacket or hoodie over my workout tshirt, and stick the key in between my tshirt and hoodie… otherwise it bounces all over the place when I’m running.

  7. I actually bought one of the belts with pouches from a running convention that fits my keys, cell phone, and some bandaids. It works perfectly and I can’t even tell it’s there!

  8. I double knot them on my shoe laces. I don’t feel them but I sometimes worry that they will come untied.

  9. I stuff them into my sports bra, under the armpit area where its nice and snug and not moving anywhere. THey don’t come out all that dry, and when its cold outside, it can be a bit of a dodgy deal, but it hasn’t failed me yet (knock on wood!)

  10. In general I pocket them, but for longer runs I have a fanny pack that I use. I often wrap them in a bandana or similar to keep them from jingling around in the pack.

    Of course, being that I haven’t exercised in months…pocket will be the option that gets used on the imminent SHORT runs. 🙂

  11. I tie them into my shoelaces, or if I have pants that have a drawstring, sometimes I’ll tie it there. If I’m not wearing a long enough and snug enough sweater it can bounce around a bit though and bug me. So usually, the shoes. If I have a sweater with pockets, then it goes in there. 🙂