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♪ FitHits: Kelly Clarkson’s All I Ever Wanted (And a Bonus FBG Music Pick!)

Credit: allaboutgeorge

Credit: allaboutgeorge

Whether or not you’ve been an American Idol fan since day one, it’s unlikely that you’ve managed to escape Kelly Clarkson’s tunes. From the overplayed “Miss Independent” to “Since U Been Gone and the now-popular “My Life Would Suck Without You” Without You, Kelly is a hit-maker who won’t quit. And we’re glad for that because it gives us more tunes to add to our workout playlist!

Her latest album, All I Ever Wanted, has a mix of beautiful ballads along with some serious pumping tunes. Buy the whole album for an eclectic mix of Clarkson or just the ones below that I’ve deemed most workout worthy if you’re needing some new songs to get you sweating. And if you’re wanting even more fun music, check out my bonus suggestion below!

The Track List: Kelly Clarkson, All I Ever Wanted
1. My Life Would Suck Without You—Mere minutes after I told Jenn I’d never heard this song, its pulsating beat came on the radio. I had low expectations for this song because of the title, but I want to grab this song’s cheeks and eat it up. I love it. Its fast beat will get you moving in a workout, and the slower verses still have a thumping beat that really showcase her vocal talents. It’s a song I have to stop myself from belting out when I’m on a run.

2. I Do Not Hook Up—This rockin’ tune has a a killer beat and chorus that is catchy as hell and is a great combination of ballad and rock. The title of this song doesn’t do it justice. This one is guaranteed to keep you powering through any workout.

3. Cry—Kelly slows it down here a bit for a rock-ballad with a bit of a country vibe. Her vocals are the star of the show here, but this one’s pace and three-and-a-half-minute length make it best suited for a slow warm-up, cool down or other low-intensity workout.

4. Don’t Let Me Stop You—The pace picks back up for this girl-power song. The catchy chorus will have you hooked, and the steady pace is excellent for a long run or bike ride.

5. All I Ever Wanted—This getting-over-a-boy song isn’t as much of a pump-up song as some of Kelly’s others, but the varying paces make it great for alternating intervals throughout the song. It’s got a unique vibe that makes it a nice break from the ordinary.

6. Already Gone—This almost 5-minute tune slows it down, focusing mostly on Kelly’s beautiful vocals and the beats of the drum, which were satisfyingly soothing. It makes a good accompaniment for a cool down or stretch session.

7. If I Can’t Have You—After the previous tune, this party track will get you moving. With a great beat, it will get you on a dance floor, picking up your pace or at the very least, bobbing your head. While the lyrics aren’t as memorable as other tracks, this one is worth a purchase for the thumping beat alone.

9. Whyyawannabringmedown—This smushed song title alone had me thinking that this one would be workout worthy. This song has a harder edge and makes me think of jumping up and down in a mosh pit (in a Kelly Clarkson kind of way). The short length (2:42) and quick pace makes this an excellent song for a harder interval or a big push up a hill.

10. Long Shot—I love the lyrics and sound of the verses of this song—they’re quick and catchy. While the chorus wouldn’t have me hitting repeat, I could definitely put this one in my workout rotation for a long run.

13. I Want You—This one has hints of old-fashioned teeny-bopper music with a modern flare. With the clapping and repetition of “you,” nothing else on my ipod sounds like it, so it is a fun addition to my workout mix. I bet it would do the same for you.

While I may not recommend every song on this album for working out, the first two are without a doubt must-buys for your workout playlist. The entire album has such a great mix of sounds and speeds, so if you’re a Kelly fan, you’ll definitely have a song to match your workout and your mood!

Bonus FBG FitHit Tidbit!
If you haven’t heard of it, the album Feed the Animals by Girl Talk is a MUST BUY for cardio workouts. Composed almost entirely of samples, this album makes boredom an impossibility. The layers of old and new songs and the mixing and matching of genres is a feast for the ears. After a listen, I guarantee you’ll be studying the list of tracks sampled on Wikipedia and purchasing old tunes you totally forgot about. It’s not available on iTunes, but you can purchase it on Amazon. You can thank us later! —Erin

Buy any or all of these kickin’ Kelly tunes (or at least preview them) on iTunes or Amazon!

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