Memories on the Road

Credit: matze_ott
Credit: matze_ott

Some the best experiences from business trips I’ve taken involve unique workouts I’ve done on the road. Whether it’s seeing the sights in a new city or getting kicked off a golf course while trying to go for a run, my favorite souvenirs are workout memories. Read on for my most memorable sweat sessions away from home. —Erin

Memories on the Road
I’ve traveled to many regions of the United States for business throughout my career in journalism. I’ve hit some of the usual suspects—Portland, Phoenix and Orlando—along with some places you’ve probably never heard of, such as Tomahawk, Wis. I’ve traveled in the Pacific Northwest, the Southeast, the Southwest and many places in between. I’ve landed in Las Vegas more times than I can count and even been across the pond for a weeklong whirlwind tour of manufacturing plants in Europe—three plants, five countries, seven days. In looking back on all of my travel-for-work adventures, I have realized that the meetings don’t necessarily stand out and that the tradeshows all start to blend together after the tenth one or so. But some of the out-of-the-ordinary workouts I’ve done on the road have stuck with me. Here are some of my favorite memories—and a take-home lesson for all. Continue reading…

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