Looking Fly on the Olympics Medal Stand

rockne_keaunaI could not be more excited for the Winter Olympics. It’s two full weeks of ALWAYS having something fascinating to watch on TV. Speed skiing? Sure! Bobsledding? Of course! Curling? What the heck! (I love watching bad reality TV shows, so it’s nice to have something that my hubby and I can both agree to watch without growling at one another or rolling our eyes so hard that it hurts.) I’m always one to shed a happy tear whenever a fellow American earns a gold medal, gets up on that stand and proudly listens to the national anthem. Gets me every time.

However, this year I may be slightly distracted by their wicked outfits. Nike gave us a sneak peek of what the athletes will be wearing on the medal stand, and it’s pretty darn snazzy. I totally want the chick’s hat. It looks so warm and cozy, and, according to Nike, the apparel is also sustainable and more earth-friendly. Now that’s going for gold.

Check out all the U.S. Olympics apparel here!


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  1. Ahh Keauna and Rockne! They’re great 🙂 I love watching the olympics–especially the winter olympics cause of figure skating! And I’m definitely a fan of those jackets. Snazzy!

  2. I can’t find the hat in this picture! Was this from this year? It’s not on the apparel link you posted.