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Super Bowl, Super Workout!

Credit: Jayel Aheram

Today is uber football day, celebrated around the country with dips, chips, Buffalo wings and a crapton of beer, hooting and hollerin’. It’s a fine, not-so-healthy American tradition.

But, wait! Instead of loading up on the fatty treats, why not take some inspiration from the boys on the field? Below are four ways that you can take a cue from the dudes in tight pants to make your next workout celebration-dance worthy. A big thanks to Life Fitness for providing these awesome tips!

Touchdown Tips

1. Build a strength foundation. There’s no denying it, football players are strong. Try adding basics to your routine like squats, bench presses, pull-ups and core exercises. Complement these with single-joint movements such as hamstring curls, calf raises, shrugs and triceps extensions to ensure proper muscular balance.

2. Mix in cardio training. Football players need a solid base of cardiovascular training—after all, the field is 100 yards! Try the players’ favorite low-impact activities like cycling or swimming, and add a workout on the stair stepper or elliptical for variety. Be sure to include intervals in your routine though. Football players rarely run for 30 minutes straight but often sprint for five seconds and rest for 20.

3. Rev up your speed work. The best football players aren’t just strong but fast. To increase your speed, add short sprints to your treadmill workout, focusing on driving off the balls of your feet and leaning forward with your whole body. Try sprinting for 20 seconds then returning to a fast jog for a complete workout.

4. Play catch. Throwing a ball with a friend or even a child can be a great way to get a workout while having fun. The throwing motion works your shoulders, your core and your glutes. Just be careful not to throw out your shoulder by overextending it. Start off standing close to your partner, and then back away to create a greater distance and a greater challenge as your body allows.

To heck with the big game, I’m ready to hit the gym with these tips! And if you want a workout during the big game, check out this 30-minute no-equipment halftime sweat feast from Marta Montenegro, editor-in-chief of SOBeFiT Magazine! Who says Super Bowl Sunday was just for eating?! We say it’s for inspiration. And the eye candy of those receivers in tight pants… —Jenn

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