Git Fit with this Ellen Barrett Giveaway!

Ellen Barrett workout DVDsI’m really not sure if Ellen Barrett could be any cuter. Just look at her. And her DVDs rock. Plain and simple. That’s why we’re so pumped that today’s two-year birthday celebration giveaway is all about Ellen.

If you win today’s giveaway, you’ll get:

  • SEVEN The Studio DVD titles (yes, you read that right—seven DVDs!)
  • Buff Girl long sleeve tee
  • Wrist weights

Salivating at the thought of winning all this swag that retails for a whopping $150? We thought so. To win, leave a comment with how you’d put this fun stuff to good use. We’ll randomly select a winner next week and notify them by email. And you know the drill, U.S. residents only, please! Good luck to all! —Jenn

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  1. I would put my dvd player to work so hard with those workout DVDs! Also, I don’t have much workout gear for in-between weather (spring and fall), so the long-sleeve tee would be perfect for my outdoor workouts on crisp mornings.

  2. I am due with my second child VERY soon and I can’t wait to get my pre-pregnancy body back!! These are JUST the DVD’s to help me do that! LOVE THEM!!

  3. Last year I blew out my ACL 2 weeks before my semester ended. Being a dance major, it kind of shot my grades to hell. But, now that I’ve had my surgery, I’m trying to get back into shape. I don’t always have the time to go to the gym, so home videos would be excellent!!

  4. I always work out at home because I’m a student and full time employee. I would love to have some new DVD’s because as you know the same old workout bores the mind and the body! 🙂

  5. Seven DVDs means one for each day of the week! I’d be such a buff, beautiful bride come October, and finally have the toned body I’m striving for! This would be such an awesome win!

  6. i think ellen barrett is great and would love to try more of her dvds. its out of my budget to purchase every dvd i want to try so winning these would be great! i would wear my “buff girl” t-shirt proudly to show off all my hard work using these dvds!!

  7. I love DVD’s to work out at home!! Plus, a cool new T shirt would be welcome as well!!

  8. 7 DVDs = 1 workout every day of the week
    Buff girl tee = cute enough to sweat and be savvy in
    Wrist weights = pumping up during cardio workouts

  9. She IS so cute! It would be awesome to try out these DVDs, while wearing the ‘buff girl’ tee…I’m sure I’d feel like one!

  10. I’m home every day homeschooling my three boys so I try to squeeze in a DVD workout in the afternoons. Currently the lineup is all Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper dvds (which I love!) but it would be fun to try someone new. I’ve never tried wrist weights – only hand weights – so again it would be fun to try out some new gear. And a new workout shirt? Awesome give-away!!

  11. New workout DVD’s are so motivating, and seven of them would definitely help me from becoming bored by a routine. The long sleeve shirt would come in handy on cool mornings.

  12. My dvd player would help me with the hard work as we completed the dvds. too poor for gym, so I’m trying to put together a variety of dvds so I’m not doing the same thing over and over.

    Very cool giveaway!

  13. I could really use some new DVDs to add some variety to my at-home workout library. And you can never have too many workout clothes!

  14. Once my little guy comes along, I don’t know how much time I’ll have to go to a gym, and I don’t know if I want to use a gym’s daycare. Having some great new DVDs will motivate me to get back in shape after baby!

  15. I love Ellen Barrett! I really enjoy her workouts, and definetely feel ‘worked out’ at the end of most of them. Her different combinations of exercises, like yoga with strength training, are refreshing. My favorite is Shape Bikini Ready Fast with Ellen.

  16. I would work these into my other workout DVDs – I love Tae Bo and Jillian Michael’s. I’ve never tried videos from Ellen, I’m interested to give them a go!

  17. would love the DVDs to use for variety in working out, and motivation to work out! I love fun workouts!

  18. I am a die-hard fitness DVD exerciser, so this is right up my alley. I’d use them to change things up after finishing Chalean Extreme! And a tip about wrist weights – you can put them on and lift regular dumbbells if you’re needing to increase poundage by a small amount but don’t have every weight increment in dumbbells – perfect for the smaller muscle groups.

  19. The DVDs and wrist weights might be just what I need to bust through my plateau! And who cant use a new workout shirt 🙂

  20. I’ve been down in the dumps for the past couple of years…could really use a lift!

  21. I’m in my first two months as a practicing attorney, and that means I need to fit workout time in where I can. Having these DVDs at home would be wonderful! I’ve tried some of her stuff out on Netflix and liked it.

  22. I would use these to get the last 10 pounds off and get my Amazonian self sculpted!

    Also, my roommate is pregnant, so she’d get the Baby one. 🙂

  23. SEVEN dvds?!? They would definitely get good use here, I’m in such a rut and need to branch out. Thanks for this opportunity!

  24. Cute as a button she is! And seven? Wow! I have none of her DVDs so they would all be new to me. I’d set up an Ellen rotation and be busy for months. Good luck to everyone and thanks!

  25. Well, I had to give up my gym membership a couple months ago due to financial reasons, but I have some friends who are letting me go as a guest, still I can only do that sooo many times & it costs too! I like to work out in the living room with my own background music going & I think Ellen Barrett could help me learn some new stuff to reach my fitness/health goals!

  26. Mind, Body, Spirit! By offering this great combo gift, Ellen has used her great exercise philosophy to get our bodies toned with her enthusiastic spirit and expertise. I am a fan of the studio, recovering from major surgery and struggling to get back on track. I could use an Ellen dose of \you can do it!\ in my home each morning!

  27. I’m having a baby in a couple of weeks and this would be AWESOME to win. I will be working out at home and it is always nice to have a big selection of DVDs to choose from to prevent boredom.

  28. My niece and I would add the dvd’s to our workout sessions. We’d have to fight over the tee though!

  29. I would use the DVDs to workout with, of course. They would get lots of play. The long sleeve tee would be worn, as a reminder of where I am headed. Wrist weights would be used often.

    I do not enter many of your contests, but I read your posts every single day, and usually forward them on to friends!

  30. I’m having a baby in about five weeks, so I would definitely use this to help get the baby weight off!

  31. My husband and I travel a lot, since our family members live all over the country and overseas. The DVDs will be great for us to use during our trip and keep up with our weight loss! Plus, my nieces and friends in Japan will be happy to join us while they’re learning English 😛

  32. Wonderful motivation and cuteness to match. Gimme some more PE and I will show you a fit happy healthy mommy.

    Thanks bunches!!!

  33. I would put these to use…by using them! I have a workout area in my basement and I have about 50 tapes and DVD’s, I’d add them to the collection and put them in the rotation.Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. i would love to get these! i love working out! i consistantly work out an hour a day, but i have to swith it up all the time because i get oard easily. i dont have a membership at a gym, so i have to work out at home. if i try to do a workout on my own, i feel like i just waste time and can never come up with anything good to do. Therefore, i love exercise dvds! i try to buy as many as i can, but i’m also putting myself though college, so its not many. anyways, i would love this set! thanks for the oppertunity!

  35. I would use these DVDs for my evening workouts. I might even wear the weights while walking through my neighborhood with the cool t-shirt 🙂

  36. I would put these to use right away. I am looking for workout dvd’s. I haven’t worked out in so long all my workouts are on VHS…and I no longer have a player. 😀

  37. I actually have these dvds on my wish list. I am constantly looking for new videos to keep me motivated. I really like working out barefoot and have read tons of great reviews for her workouts so, if i were the chosen one i would definitely be inspired everyday of the week. I also love workout gadgets and think they really add so much to your workouts. Since i’m not a cold weather girl the long sleeve shirt will be nice for my outdoor walks.

  38. If I won this prize, four women would benefit (myself and my three daughters–ages 28, 26, and 15). Thanks so much. and, Congratulations!

  39. These are actually on my wish list. I really like working out barefoot and love gadgets and think they add so much to my workouts. The long sleeve shirt would be really nice on cool days as i’m not a cold weather girl.

  40. I’m a home exerciser, but I fall a tad short in the flexability department of my workouts. I think this giveaway would solve that problem…

  41. I would love to try these dvds to get me through a plateau. It’s time to switch up the workouts. And some wrist weights would be a great addition to use. And I would totally sport the buff girl shirt because I am proud to be one!!

  42. Do I even have to mention how wonderfully convenient it would be to have all of this cool swag? All those new DVD’s to swap out?

    oh, I guess I just did! I would love love LOVE to win this!!!

  43. these dvd’s would be great. i love working out at home, and the addition of the wrist weights would be awesome!

  44. How fun! I’ve cleared the space in front of the tv for stretching and pilates – this would be an amazing addition to the library!

  45. I what would I do with this swag! I am stuck in an exercise rut this is exactly what the doctore ordered! Would be wonderful to win it! With 7 DVDs each day will be anew workout! yayy

  46. Wow, I would thoroughly enjoy adding all of this variety to my workout! I would rotate them in with my routine to keep things fresh. The wrist weights would be great to wear for a little extra while I’m cooking dinner or doing laundry.

    Thanks for the opportunity – what a great giveaway!

  47. I would use these at the fire station while on long shifts. Would force me to move while at work, which is hard to do when one cannot leave the area of the phones and radios…

    THank you for hosting this giveaway!

  48. So cool, I would be able to add a variety to my morning workouts.I would love to win Ellen Barretts workout DVDs!!!!!

  49. I would use this when my sister comes to visit in two weeks. She’s a fitness junkie and always showing me new moves. It would be fun to mix it up and workout to one of these DVDs together!

  50. I’m just now beginning my pre-wedding weight loss plan, and these would be just the thing to make sure I can look my best on the big day.

  51. I am just starting to attempt work out dvd’s. For some reason they had been intimidating. But, these look like so much fun! Would love to win these!

  52. I would put it to good use by using it, and using it often! I also have four sisters, I’m sure they would love to come over and use it too!

  53. This would be so great- I am starting a workout regimen and tapes to workout to would really help. Trying to lose over 50 lbs isn’t going to be easy. I have the bands and I made my own weights but no workout tapes to help me. These would really help.
    God Bless,

  54. I am trying to get fitter for my sister’s wedding in October. I get bored doing the same DVD over and over, so with 7 of them I could keep switching it up!

  55. I love switching up my workouts and with 7 new DVD’s I could totally do that! I get bored super easy and I would love to try Ellen Barrett’s workouts! Thank you!

  56. Hi FBG !
    I would LOVE to win this amazing giveaway !
    I have lost 135 pounds in 2.5 years ; going from 275 to 140, but, alas, my thighs are very round, I have a pooch and my arms are in need of toning.
    Help me out ladies !

  57. I currently only have 2 DVDs in my workout collection. This would help give me more variety to my workouts!

  58. Got tired of going to they gym so I started using DVD’s at home where only my cat can watch me workout. I would love to add these to my collection!

  59. I have loved Ellen for years!! I have not had a chance to try her newest videos and would love to get them so that I can shake up my current routine.

  60. I tried one of these dvd once and fell in love with it. I saved all the others in my amazon wish list! These would be esp great since my gym closed for summer renovations!

  61. I’m on a limited budget and have been so nervous to invest in a workout dvd. I’ve hogged our local library’s one Ellen pilates/crunch dvd for weeks now and her energy is so inspiring as I try to get my long neglected body back to strength. It would be such a treat to have these.

  62. This would be an awesome way to spice up my at-home workout routine – one for each day of the week 🙂 The t-shirt and wrist weights are great accessories, too.

  63. I’m a fitness DVD addict! I love working out at home and trying new programs. This looks really great.

  64. I am so excited to find out about Ellen Barrett, I am always looking for new workouts to add to my repetoire. I look up to anyone who wants to inspire others. That is what I want to do as well when it comes to fitness.

  65. I would love to rock that shirt while I’m putting those dvds to good use! I really need a kick in the rear these days, this just might do the trick!

  66. I have a big DVD collection, but variety is the spice of life and these would make a great addition to any home workout collection!

  67. i love ellen’s workouts – they are the best for relieving fibromyalgia pain! and after i slim down from using the dvds & wrist weights, i could wear the buff girl t-shirt without looking like a walking oxymoron 😉

  68. I have always wanted to try these Studio workouts of Ellen but haven’t had the chance to yet! I love the Crunch DVDs of hers, am sure these would be awesome too! Can’t wait to try them! Hope I win! 🙂 But whoever wins is going to be very happy & lucky. Thanks for this opportunity.

  69. I LOVE Ellen and only have a couple of her older DVD’s. I would love to have a variety of her workouts! I would share the baby one with my friends who still have babies. The wrist weights would be great for power walking and I’d love to be able to confidently rock the Buff Girl t-shirt!

  70. After my company decided to eliminate my position and my new ‘job’ decided I was only worth 1/2 of my old salary, we decided that the gym membership was a luxury we could no longer afford. DVD’s became my go-to-workout. However, with a limited library it gets a little repetitious! These dvd’s would certainly give me new options!!

  71. I already use some Ellen DVDs and love them. I’d love to complete my collection. I fell off the exercise wagon recently due to some sickness in my family and I’d love new titles to keep me motivated and get me back in the game.

  72. I am having a baby (#3) in 4 weeks, so I will be putting these DVD’s to excellent use! I have 3 babies worth of extra poundage, and I love Ellen! I don’t have any of the Studio DVD’s yet, but I have them on my wish list!

  73. I’ve heard great things about Ellen and would love to try these dvds! Unfortunately, I’m not able to make it to my gym as often as I should so this would help getting exercise in at home!

  74. I would love to win these! I mostly work out at home, and I get tired of doing my same old dvds over and over again. Pick me, pick me! 🙂

  75. I love Ellen! I have her crunch Pilates workout and her Yogini tape, but I would love to add to my collection. My little girl who is 5 also likes to do the crunch workout with me! Her attention span only lasts about 10 minutes, but you have never seen a cuter warrior pose.

  76. I never really enjoyed doing fitness dvds until I recently found some of Ellen’s Pick-Your-Level and Self Magazine ones on Netflix. I actually exercise regularly now and I have to credit to her unusually non-intimidating demeanor and excellent cueing and explanations. >> I would LOVE to win this set and I would actually get a lot of use from them since I can’t find other instructors that I like as much…!

  77. EEEEEE!!! I love Ellen and I would do one of her workouts every day of the week if I could…so if I win this set, of course that’s what I would do! There’s 7 DVDs, it couldn’t be more perfect! Plus I already have a few of her other ones, but none of these, so I really need the rest to complete my collection! Thank you!

  78. I think over half of my workout dvd collection are Ellen’s routines, and since I return to most of them week after week it would be wonderful to add some new dvds the mix for some variety and a fresh new approaches to staying lean and strong. I haven’t found another instructor (in real life or recorded) whose workouts I like as much!

  79. YAY!! I love the idea of winning this prize!! Again, I’m brand spankin’ new to weight loss so this will be great for me!!

  80. I love Ellen and would love to be able to try some of her other videos. She has a great balanced style!

  81. I have Ellen’s pick your level and it is a nice pace, she has a good voice, and it is easy to follow. I would recommend her DVDs!

  82. I am a seasoned at-home DVD exerciser and would LOVE to add Ellen Barrett’s titles to my collection! You can bet that they would be well used and well loved.

  83. I am transforming back to a DVD fan after my intense journey to Ironman status. I started my athleticism 5 years ago, with Ellen’s early Crunch DVD’s. Now, after an intense regimen for some time, I am dialing it down a notch getting in touch with the calmer side of life and training.

    I was fortunate enough to meet Ellen in LA last month – and she will always be my inspiration! Strong, positive, fit!

  84. I just found Ellen’s workouts and have been using the fat-burning fusion for about one month. I have two young children, am a high school English teacher and have about 50 pounds to lose! Before I started working out to the fusion dvd, I hated exercise but knew if I found a workout that I enjoyed I would be able to stay consistent. This is it! Even though I don’t work out until sometimes 10 pm (I have been known to do it at 11 pm after the laundry is done!) that little time to me is worth it and Ellen’s workouts make it worth it! BTW: I am down one size!

  85. i am in school full time and have three boys i love my videos i have never done any of ellens they look awesome hope i can get a set soon

  86. I have a few videos hosted by Ellen already and love her! I’d definitely put her other videos to good use in my fitness regimen while shedding the 80-90 pounds I need to lose!

  87. I love Ellen!! I have a couple dvd’s but the whole collection would be sooo great!!
    I lost about 10 pounds with the burn and firm in no time at all, but i’ve grown bored with it, new one to rotate around would be awesome!
    🙂 thanks for doing a giveawy!!